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Tana Mongeau reveals she wanted a proper relationship with Francesca Farago

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Tana Mongeau was promising more tea for her fans while she was feuding with ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne. And she stayed true to her words. Harry Jowsey was her guest and they both got drunk and revealed some shocking secrets. The topic of Francesca Farago came up naturally, who happens to be someone both of them had dated.

Francesca Farago’s relationship with both Harry Jowsey and Tana Mongeau

People know Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey when they became a couple on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle reality show. Harry and Francesca were in a stable relationship for a while, they even got engaged.

Unfortunately, they ended up splitting which shocked Francesca Farago because she thought they would work things out.

But Francesca ultimately moved on and started seeing other people. One of those people was Tana Mongeau. It seemed like they were just having fun and doing it to poke some fun at their fans. It definitely led to some rumors of them dating.

Tana captioned one of their pictures together as ‘we’re dating now pick it up TMZ’. Francesca Farago also flirted back and the two posted some very intimate pictures of each other on their respective social media accounts.

Tana Mongeau said she was down for a relationship with Francesca Farago

Tana and Francesca’s relationship or fling ended when Franscesa Farago started hanging out with Tana Mongeau’s ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne.

Thorne and Farago posted a TikTok where they were quite close with each other. In retaliation, Tana Mongeau made a TikTok with Francesca’s ex-boyfriend Harry Jowsey. The video showed Tana and Harry almost kissing.

Mongeau claims that Farago went out on a date with her ex Bella Thorne, even though Farago denies the rumors. Ultimately, that led to the fallout between Tana and Francesca.

Now, a couple of months after, Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne are caught up in a messy feud online where they both keep shading each other.

Tana decided she wanted to spill some tea and had Harry Jowsey on her YouTube as well as her OnlyFans platform.

On her YouTube channel, Harry and Tana got drunk and ended up revealing some big secrets.

Harry Jowsey joked that Tana Mongeau and Francesca Farago were ‘clout farming’, aka just pretending to date for the sake of clout and attention.

So her and my ex were clout farming

Tana Mongeau did agree with that but also claimed that she was down for a relationship with Francesca Farago.

I didn’t know I was clout farming. I want to clarify that I feel like I don’t know Francesca that well.

Harry Jowsey revealed that Tana and Francesca had a se*ual encounter with each other. Tana didn’t deny that but said that she’s had deeper conversations with Harry Jowsey as opposed to Francesca Farago.

Tana shared that when she had that fling with Francesca, she was at a reckless phase in her life. Then Tana opened up about the relationship in the video saying:

I was trying to make it real though. I was down for it, I really was.

Harry Jowsey maintained that they were simply clout farming, Tana countered that saying,

No but, I’m always like down to like have a hot b*tch girlfriend.

Then Tana shared something shocking:

But then she hated Jake a lot.

It must be noted that Tana started seeing Francesca when Tana had broken up with her fake husband Jake Paul. Though, Tana and Jake are really close friends right now. It would not have worked out for that reason it seems.

The duo also talked more about their other exes such as Jake Paul and Julia Rose, who coincidentally also dated each other.

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