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Tana Mongeau & Harry Jowsey Doing OnlyF*ns Collab to shade Bella Thorne & Francesca Farago?

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Does anyone remember Netflix’s reality show Too Hot To Handle? The most popular couple there happened to be Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago who didn’t end up together on the series but did start dating again after the show ended. However, things didn’t go well off-screen either as Harry and Francesa broke up in June 2020. But things got a bit messy as the two had become good friends with notable influencers such as Tana Mongeau.

Tana Mongeau has sparked romance rumors with Francesca Farago

Well, Tana Mongeau has dated and pretended to date a lot of people that it keeps getting harder to track.

Tana became good friends with both Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago. All of them used to hang out together and they seemed like good friends. Tana and Francesca started sparking romance rumors in July because they were holding hands on a dinner date and looked very intimate. It was at the birthday party of their mutual friend, Cole Carrigan.

Tana and Francesca were very comfortable and cozy with each other and didn’t hesitate to show that on social media via stories. Plus, Tana even captioned with Instagram Story with Francesa, saying:

We’re dating now pick it up TMZ

Tana even called Francesca her ‘girlfriend’ and Francesa called her ‘my beautiful date’. At one point, Tana Mongeau even claimed to want to marry Francesca because she was cleaning some spilled wine.

But it seemed like the two were just joking around. But things got bad between Francesca and Tana.

Francesca Farago started hanging out with Tana Mongeau’s ex Bella Thorne

So, after Tana and Francesa hung out, this happened. Francesca started hanging out with Tana’s ex Bella Thorne. And Bella and Tana were not on good terms.

The proof of that is the TikTok collaboration of Francesca Farago and Bella Thorne. The two are all over each other in the intimate video with ‘French K*ss’ running in the background.

@bellathorneI found one so it’s time to take off these nails so we can get lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥♬ original sound – rad.mars

Plus, the two lip-synced the lyrics to the song:

I got two girlfriends and they best friends

Bella has her hands caressing Francesca’s body. Meanwhile, Francesca l*cked Bella’s face at one point.

Tana Mongeau made a similar video with Harry Jowsey on her TikTok to shade them

During October, Tana Mongeau made a TikTok video with Harry Jowsey which seemed flirtatious just like Francesca and Bella.

Tana and Harry are dancing around and just when they are about to kiss, the video ends.

@tanamongeaulol@harryjowsey this sound was made for u bby♬ He for Everybody – BossLady

Some people were shocked to see Tana with Harry Jowsey because Francesca and Harry weren’t on good terms.

But Tana responded by saying:

“Francesca went out with an ex of mine. That’s LA! I’m chill I don’t have drama.”

Francesca Harry Tana drama

However, Francesca Farago denied all the rumors that she was dating Bella Thorne by commenting ‘False’ on this comment by Tana Mongeau:

Fransesca Farago denties dating Bella Thorne
Instagram / TikTok Room

When one fan commented to Francesca:

 I love Tana but what she did was just wrong you deserve better than both of them babe

Francesca responded to it saying: ‘100%’.

When one fan asked her if she was still friends with Tana Mongeau, Fransesca replied:

She’s friends with Harry now apparently.

Francesca and Harry Jowsey broke up in June, and it came as a shocker to Francesca:

I genuinely thought we were going through a rocky period and that we were going to figure it out. And when I moved to LA, it was going to be perfect. I genuinely thought that, no matter what, we were going to end up together. I thought we were going to get married.

After Francesca’s split with Harry Jowsey and the falling out with Tana Mongeau, she seems to be away from the drama.

But Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne are currently feuding, and Tana wants to do a Harry Jowsey collaboration in the midst of it

Those of you who have been following the messy feud of Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau would know that things keep getting messier.

Tana Mongeau shaded Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans controversy when she scammed fans that affected the adult content creators who get their income from it.

Bella didn’t appreciate this and released a song ‘SFB’ also known as ‘Stupid F*cking B*tch’ shading Tana Mongeau.

Bella Thorne claims that Tana Mongeau wasn’t sincere in their relationship and only used it for fame and Twitter followers.

So, now Tana Mongeau wants to expose Bella Thorne and is taking the help of Harry Jowsey

Tana Mongeau, during her feud with Bella, mentioned that she’s going to expose her and spill all the tea.

i’m honestly done being walked on and f*cked on by sh*tty people and looking like the bad person. i’d rather go out exposing and swinging. let’s go b*tch
And then shared that there’s a video coming on her YouTube:
I’m about to get banned from YouTube with how much tea I have coming. I don’t give a f*ck
And then finally, the news about a Tana Mongeau and Harry Jowsey OnlyFans collaboration:
Tana mongeau harry jowsey Onlyfans collaboration
The OF collaboration with Harry Jowsey is just one of the things Tana Mongeau plans to do.

Tana Mongeau previously opened up about another bad relationship and made a long storytime video on her YouTube channel.

We might be expecting to hear some more on this feud with her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne. But let’s see if Francesca Farago comes into the mix again!

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