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John Mulaney checks into rehab after substance abuse

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Actor and comedian, John Mulaney, has checked into a Pennsylvania rehab facility for sixty days. He was battling cocaine and alcohol addiction. Mulaney, who many people know from Saturday Night Live (SNL), has been open about his struggle with substance abuse. Previously, he’s mentioned that he’s been dealing with illegal drug abuse from quite a young age. The first time he ever became sober was at twenty-three.

A source close to John Mulaney has shared that his friends and family are glad he’s getting the help he needed:

John’s friends and family are happy that he’s finally getting some help and focusing on his health. His fans know he’s struggled in the past with sobriety, he has talked about it openly. Unfortunately, he has struggled again during the pandemic. He’s on board with his recovery, he’s not fighting against rehab.

John has always struggled with sobriety

In 2019, John Mulaney revealed that he started drinking when he was just thirteen.

I drank for attention. I was really outgoing. And then at 12, I wasn’t. I didn’t know how to act. And then I was drinking, and I was hilarious again.

Telling Esquire, John Mulaney also shared that the drinking ultimately led to drug use. He preferred cocaine instead of marijuana. He also mixed in some prescription drugs during that time.

I wasn’t a good athlete, so maybe it was some young male thing of ‘This is the physical feat I can do. Three Vicodin and a tequila and I’m still standing.’

Though, his parents ultimately sent Mulaney to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist told John Mulaney that he was one part nice kid and one part a ‘gorilla that wants to kill the other half’.

In 2012, John Mulaney talked about his struggles of drinking in his special ‘New in Town’:

 I don’t drink. I used to drink, then I drank too much, and I had to stop. That surprises a lot of audiences because I don’t look like someone who used to do anything.

After multiple events of him blacking out, the comedian reached his breaking point on a 2005 bender. At the time he was 23. He shared the story with Esquire saying:

 I went on a bender that weekend that was just, like, fading in and out of a movie … It was just crazy … I was like, ‘You’re f–king out of control’. And I thought to myself, ‘I don’t like this guy anymore. I’m not rooting for him.’

John Mulaney didn’t go to rehab but he stopped cold turkey. He stopped doing drugs and let go of alcohol too. Following this, he was sober for many years. John Mulaney has also shared that one of his goals was to show Pete Davidson that ‘you can have a life in comedy that is not insane – a sober, domestic life’.

During quarantine, John Mulaney started struggling again

Many shared that he was investigated by the Secret Service because he did one joke during his time in SNL. Following that, John Mulany ended up taking on the job as a staff writer on Seth Meyers’ show for his mental health.

During quarantine, I was like, ‘Why am I going totally crazy and why am I suddenly telling my own wife my accomplishments?’

Mulaney told Jimmy Kimmel on his show, that having no routine could really affect someone’s mental health and state of being.

I really needed a job. One, I like having a boss and having assignments to do. When I’m in charge of something, not so much the best thing.

John Mulaney added that his psychiatrist also agreed with this:

She said to me, ‘Without external structure, I don’t have any confidence in you thriving’ … and she would know, because I told her everything in my brain.

Hope John has a good recovery and is able to come back on stage soon!

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