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Inside Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau’s messy feud

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You might have heard about the volcanic relationship of Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau. Their ultimate breakup was done on good terms but it soon turned out to be messy. Recently, Bella released a song shading Tana and everything just got rehashed.

Timeline of Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau relationship

Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau’s relationship was officially confirmed in September 2017, a year after Bella had opened up about her being bisexual. Both had shared pictures of them together on their social media. While things were still going well, Bella and Tana revealed that they were in an open relationship.

Thorne started dating rapper Mod Sun while she was also dating Tana Mongeau. Thorne shared:

I don’t think anybody will really understand the bonds that I share with Mod or Tana. Yeah, we joke around about poly, but we aren’t in the sense that we don’t put a word, a box or label too many things. It is what it is.

Though at the time, Bella shared that it was easier for her to date men than women because she would not be sure what women would want from her:

It’s so hard. I can’t tell if a girl is trying to be best friends with me or if she wants to get with me or if she just wants social media followers. I’m just so confused when a girl talks to me. Girls can be very flirtatious, so I don’t want to make a move, and then you be like, ‘Whoa, girl. Not what I was thinking, I don’t roll that way.’

Despite this, Tana and Bella’s relationship was still solid. With Tana Mongeau even getting sentimental on their one year anniversary in September 2019:

It’s so crazy to me how fast a year can fly by when you’re surrounded by love you never thought was possible.

Their ultimate breakup

Things didn’t stay the same way though. Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne ended up breaking with each other on good terms in February 2019.

Bella Thorne tweeted out to the world on February 26th, 2019:

Tana and I aren’t together anymore, pls stop asking. We love U guys.

Meanwhile, Tana shared the same thoughts:

I love her forever don’t get that twisted. She changed my life forever. Don’t really wanna talk on it.

Both Thorne and Mongeau kept assuring fans that there was no bad blood between the two. Two months after their breakup, Bella also broke up with her boyfriend Mod Sun.

In comes, Jake Paul and things get bad between Bella and Tana

Right after this, Tana Mongeau started her relationship with Jake Paul. Plus, the two got engaged soon when Jake popped the question on June 24th, 2019. And they two even went on to have a wedding. Many thought it was a just stunt for clout and the speculations turned out to be true later on.

Bella Thorne did not like this news at all. Posting a selfie of herself with a sad face, Bella captioned it:

“When ur ex gets engaged 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭,”

Thorne even tweeted out to Jake saying he needed to sign a prenup:

Though, right after posting these dramatic posts, Bella Thorne posted this:

Through thick and thin😭I love you tana happy bday you beautiful beautiful special girl.

Mongeau wrote in the comments:

Mongeau wrote, “i love u forever and ever. ❤️”

This was the last time when they were good it seems. Because on July 18, Bella Thorne shared that she was no longer ‘good’ with Tana Mongeau because Tana broke the girl code. Bella also claimed that she was over it.

tana bella feud

Tana responded to Bella saying:

????? imagine taking every time ur mad at me to twitter but then telling ppl how much u care about me……………….. wtf is this b :/
And then Bella accused Tana of just using Bella to get more clout and Twitter followers.
U legit started dating me for twitter.. how about u answer ur phone and talk to me instead of being on Twitter.
Tana tweeted in response:
dude what are you doing bella? like i have no idea why you’re mad, i’ve been texting you every minute since you tweeted, and for you to be tweeting me something as hurtful as saying I dated you for Twitter is literally f*cking nuts & if you honestly think that damn i lost you.
Then both stopped posting about each other for a while.

Coming to Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans Controversy

Bella Thorne joined the OnlyFans platform this year and ended up scamming a lot of the people that were paying for her content. This led to massive policy changes that affected the s*x workers and adult content creators on the platform.
Thorne apologized for it and attempted to fix things but many were not satisfied with it. Though, it must be noted that many celebrities joined before her like Tana herself and Blac Chyna. They didn’t affect the OnlyFans platform because they didn’t scam anyone.
So, when Bella Thorne tweeted out saying that she was the ‘first celebrity’ to join OnlyFans and got backlash for it, Tana made a joke about it.


Tana also shaded Bella’s OnlyFans a few months ago when she promoted her own OnlyFans and said ‘You’ll always get what you pay for’.

Their recent drama started with Bella Thorne releasing a song ‘SFB’

Then Bella Thorne released a song ‘SFB’ which means ‘Stupid F*cking B*tch’ which many believed to be targetting Tana Mongeau. It included lyrics:

You’re a stupid f*cking b*tch, but you already know this
And you let me see your t*ts, but I’m still not over it
You wanted me for clout, and I should’ve thrown you out
But I never resist the way you bite your lower lip

But to remove any doubt, Bella Thorne ended up tweeting multiple tweets shading Tana. And she brought back the old feud and claimed Tana for only using Bella for clout.

Tana responded by saying that she got more likes/favorites on her Tweet than Bella. She also asked Bella to unfollow her while she urged Eddie Hearn for a boxing match with Tana.

There was also this tweet where Tana Mongeau shared she was taken aback by Bella Thorne’s tweets.

Tana Mongeau also encouraged Bella Thorne to promote the s*x worker on OnlyFans after her joining the platform affected them a lot:

And moreover, Tana also shaded Bella’s song ‘SFB’ :

imagine taking the time to write, direct, and fund entire song about me called stupid f*cking b*tch and also being bella thorne smfh
And also another dig at Bella:
i rly do be living in so many peoples heads rent f*cking free man i should go furniture shopping
Tana also retweeted a fan tweet where the streams of both Tana and Bella were compared. Bella’s song ‘SFB’ has just 89 thousand streams. Whereas, Tana’s song ‘Without You’ had 6.5 million streams.
Then Tana seemed very angry while tweeting out this:
i’m honestly done being walked on and f*cked on by sh*tty people and looking like the bad person. i’d rather go out exposing and swinging. let’s go b*tch
Tana Mongeau also shared a tweet of how Mia Khalifa tried to help Bella Thorne during her OnlyFans controversy but Bella didn’t take the advice.

Lastly, Tana Mongeau said that she has a ‘lot of tea’ coming on her YouTube channel. Recently, she posted a long storytime about one of her bad relationships in the past.
We might get to see Tana sharing a storytime involving Bella Thorne.
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