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How Pete Davidson is Coping With The Breakup

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Your favorite couple-Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande split up a while back. And although that still seems unimaginable considering their romance and PDA, it is true. Probably just the right time for us to start accepting it. In fact, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are already working hard to get over each other. And the previously inseparable couple is now making sure that they avoid all contact with each other. But they are both not doing bad individually. If anything, it looks like Pete Davidson is already ready to lift his spirits by making jokes!

Why Did The Power Couple Split?

A few weeks back, we realized that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were no longer together. Speculations claimed that this might have something to do with the death of Mac Miller. Especially since the world was placing the blame of his drug overdose on his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande. But further details claimed that the couple broke up considering that it was too soon. And that they were not ready for all that. After calling off their engagement, the two believed that the timing was not right for them. The split was completely a mutual decision, and the two did not wish ill for each other. However, Pete Davidson deactivated his social media accounts while Grande removed any proof of his existence from hers.

The split did not come off as much of a shock to anybody. For those who followed the couple for real, and closely saw this break up coming.

How Well Is Pete Davidson Handling This?

Following the breakup, we got to hear Pete Davidson’s side of the story. According to a source, Davidson has decided to focus on himself. And all the public exposure that he experience when he was going out with his pop star girlfriend is now hard to take. It was always hard for him since he remains an extremely private person. And the Ariana Grande spot light was too much pressure for him. However, despite the fact that Davidson still looks extremely stylish and is ready to joke about the breakup, he is still struggling to get over Ariana. That remains true for Ariana as well. The singer is undoubtedly facing the toughest time of her life. And is coping up with her emotions over Mac Miller’s death as well as her recent split.

Very slowly, the SNL star is also making his way back into the public life. He is staying with his family in New York city now, and on Wednesday, he was spotted taking a walk outside. Needless to stay Davidson has maintained his fashion as he appeared in a matching black Ecko tracksuit.

Another source opened up on how Pete Davidson is coping up. And shared that,

Pete’s doing fine. He has a strong support system of family and friends around him that are keeping him laughing. While Pete’s focusing on himself, he always wishes the best for Ari.

Although we don’t know who will be keeping the $16 million mansion they bought together, we do know what they did with their tattoos. Pete Davidson has replaced his while Ariana Grande covered it up with a band-aid while appearing on NBC’s Wicked Special.

Pete Davidson is all set for his hangouts with Machine Gun Kelly after his split. Apparently, Davidson was in high spirits when the two had dinner together in Malibu. He wore a smile on his face as the two took a cigarette break in the parking lot. The sighting at dinner came after Davidson cancelled his appearance at SLU due to personal reasons. At another instance on Tuesday, Davidson was spotted in a Supreme bomber jacket and Off-White Converse for dinner at the celebrity hot spot.

Comedy Helping Pete

It also seems that Pete Davidson is channeling his breakup pain into comedy. And the star is all ready to joke about his breakup. While performing at the Judd And Pete For America benefit show, Davidson joked about having an empty room, and looking for a roommate. And added that he has never been that sad that he was unable to masturbate.

But this does not mean that the SNL star is all over his ex already. He deeply misses her and has even changed his mobile number to avoid all contact.

What happened to this couple is sad, but let’s wish nothing but the best for them!

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