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Christopher Nolan Doubles Down on Warner Bros.’s Decision in Another Interview

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The recent decision by Warner Bros. to release their entire 2021 film slate on HBO Max is causing ripples in Hollywood. Moreover, many of the people in their own ranks aren’t happy with this decision. And one of them is their blockbuster director and creator, Christopher Nolan. The director recently lashed out at Warner Bros. on their decision in a public interview. Now, he has doubled down on them in another interview, calling them out on their decision.

Christopher Nolan still hates Warner Bros.’s decision

Christopher Nolan Doubles Down on Warner Bros.'s Decision in Another Interview

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Nolan doubled down on his feelings regarding the Warner Bros.’s recent deal with the streaming service HBO Max. His emphasis was on how what Warner Bros. did was unethical and hat hey didn’t consult the filmmakers that partner with hem, saying:

It’s about what the French call Droit moral. Do they own it absolutely, because they paid for it or they financed it? And that is not a purely legalistic question; it’s a question of ethics as well. It’s a question of partnership and collaboration. They did not speak to those filmmakers. They did not consult them about what their plans were for their work. And I felt that somebody needed to point out that that wasn’t the right way to treat those filmmakers.

Nolan further explained why he was so public in expressing his discontent towards Warner Bros. He again emphasized how the studio did not take filmmakers on board and said how making decisions for an entire year this early was premature. He said:

The studio needed to collaborate with the filmmakers on what was going to happen. They didn’t speak to the filmmakers, they didn’t speak to the theater chains. They didn’t speak to the production partners on the films. That was the reason I was speaking up. As far as the specific strategy of what you would be doing over the entirety of next year, I don’t know why anyone would be making predictions through to December of 2021 on what they should or shouldn’t be doing with the business. That seems a long way out in a fast-changing, dynamic situation.

On Tenet

Furthermore, Christopher Nolan was also asked about the release of Tenet. The interviewer asked if he’d have done differently about Tenet’s release, to which he said:

The studio made the decision to release the film in the summer in parts of the world where it was safe to open the film because of the response to the pandemic in those individual countries. And I think they made a good decision

Moreover, Nolan mentioned how the film performed well globally, despite the pandemic. It earned north of $300 million and said that the dynamics in the United States do not apply to the entire world, saying:

It’s not an American-only business. And I think it’s very important for people to look beyond where they are sitting in the world and look at what’s going on in the rest of the world as well, and be mindful of that.

Finally, Nolan was asked if actually had any authority in deciding the release of Tenet or the recent films, to which he said:

Of course not. Look at what’s just happened. They’ve just unilaterally shifted their entire distribution pattern on their slate without talking to even the financing partners.

Nolan has made a total of 9 films in collaboration with Warner Bros. However, he has declined to comment on the future of his relationship with the studios.

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