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Why Ellen Pompeo Isn’t Ready to Quit Grey’s Anatomy

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Grey’s Anatomy has already established its record by being the longest running scripted prime-time series on ABC. But previously, we heard that the show might soon come to an end as the star Ellen Pompeo will quit. However, it seems like the show is on season 15 and will return for another season as well. And that’s because Pompeo is still not ready to quit. She revealed this herself in her interview with Ellen DeGeneres on her show. Although her contract is supposed to end in 2020, and she believes that they have told majority of the stories that they could, Grey’s Anatomy is nowhere near wrapping up. One thing has already been announced- the show stays as long as Ellen Pompeo stays. So why won’t she let the show finish for good now?

Why Is Ellen Pompeo Not Leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

In her recent Ellen interview, Ellen Pompeo discussed that her contract with Grey’s Anatomy ends in 2020. Amid speculation that the show will end soon, Pompeo announced its return with season 16. And that she has no intentions of quitting early. When Ellen DeGeneres brought up the news that the show might discontinue, Pompeo replied saying that as per her contract, she was obliged to do season 16. She continued saying that the with the numbers, the show is very popular.

Well, this latest Ellen interview contradicts what Ellen Pompeo previously revealed. She claimed that her future on the show was undecided But the actress was definitely looking for a change. It was also shared that Grey’s Anatomy would continue only for as long as Ellen Pompeo remained on the show.

This latest discussion during the Ellen interview matches with what show-runner Krista Vernoff knows about the future. She is not thinking about an end point yet, and shared that,

I’m doing what I do, and when Ellen and [creator Shonda Rhimes] and ABC all sit me down together and say start building the end, I will believe it.

So maybe Ellen Pompeo is staying put. And Grey’s Anatomy will not leave our screens for a long time now!

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