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The Conners Ups Its Game With Johnny Galecki’s Cameo

Spoilers Ahead!

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The Conners saw an unfortunate 25% decline in ratings in its second week, placing it number 2 only next to the rating-mammoth ‘This Is Us‘. The spin-off show that has risen from the ashes of ABC’s mascot sitcom Roseanne, had opened up with a 2.3/10. The premiere was followed by a star-studded second episode this Tuesday which; nevertheless failed to stake up the falling numbers. The episode; however, managed to draw the attention of the audience away from the Roseanne Barr racist tweet inferno. It seems like that as the controversy around Roseanne Barr subsides, it is only making things difficult for the new-born show. ‘Tangled Up in Blue’ starred original cast member Johnny Galecki, along with a new entrant – the Oscar-nominee- Juliette Lewis. While the view count did drop to 8 million, the content-quality did not disappoint the viewers.

How Episode 1 Wrote of Roseanne Barr’s Character On The Conners

In the previous episode, we saw the exit of Roseanne Barr’s Roseanne as she fell through the gap between her opioid abuse, and her post-surgical period. Though the inaugural episode had dealt well with Roseanne Barr’s exit, the actress wasn’t satisfied by the way her character was written off. Nevertheless, moving forward, the latest innings of The Conners presented its audience with a rewarding watching experience. Much in contrast to the dismal ratings, the narrative ambition was quite well in place.

Johnny Galecki Is Here, What’s Next?

The episode mainly focused around the Darlene-David relationship. Additionally, a parallel arc also vaguely depicted Becky’s drinking problem. And while doing so, it gave strong signals that this addiction sequence will probably characterize upcoming episodes. Johnny Galecki’s guest appearance happened first, at his reel son’s – Mark’s-school. Darlene and David, for the first time in twenty years, accompanied each other to inquire about their ward’s academic performance. Though we expected things to go smoothly, the show’s narrative unreliability kicked in here. And for the first time, we saw David’s new girlfriend Blue (Juliette Lewis) making a full-fledged appearance on the show. Blue is introduced as a hipster, and that too a tragically funny one. As blue tries to cosmetically overdo her love for David, and Mark, The Conners gave of its signature nasty-Darlene moment. Consequently generating plenty of giggles.

Finally, A Jackie And David Moment After So Long!!

Much to our delight, The Conners revisited an utterly riotous interaction they had first showcased in season 8 of the original Roseanne. We had not seen a scene like of that since then. Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) and David (Johnny Galecki) had a conversation. Why we emphasize here so much is because you can expect the meeting between two eccentric people to be truly hilarious. And, in all sincerity, it honestly was. David mocks Jackie for being a loner, while Jackie covers up by telling him that she is not alone anymore, she lives with Bev now. And as we all know that Jackie cannot let a mention of Bev escape without it being dead slapstick material.

The remaining episode revolves around the Conners’ kids’ sleepover at David and Blue’s residence. There, they regular clash of ideologies between Darlene and Blue entail some rich farcical moments for the show. The show also addresses its promised social issue, yes you guessed it right! Darlene and David are finally heading for a divorce. It is not like we did not see it coming, but it is still sad to have our favorite couple part ways before our eyes.

A New Man In Darlene’s Life

In a bid to breathe some fresh air to rinse-off The Conners of Roseanne’s staleness, the show has also introduced a new recurring character opposite Darlene. The Ed actor, Justin Long, made his debut in the franchise as Neil. Although it is still Darlene (Sarah Gilbert) who does all the comedy for the scene, we can safely rely on Long’s star power to give off some wholesome entertaining performances in the future.  The Conners has made a strong case for itself. And we cannot wait to see what’s in store for us in the upcoming episodes.

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