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This ‘Altered Carbon’ Star almost Became James Bond!

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An actor’s career has a lot of turns and twists. And not always is the biggest job the best one in this industry. Actors often go out of their way to not be typecast and maintain their own independent identity in the industry. One of them is James Purefoy, who played the role of Laurens Bancroft on Netflix’s Altered Carbon. He once came close to securing the role of James Bond!

Purefoy has quite a solid resume when it comes to his projects. Some of the big ones include Rome, Sex Education, The Following, among others. However, his career could have gone down a completely different trajectory if he had made this one decision differently. In fact, he took the same decision twice.

How Altered Carbon star James Purefoy almost became James Bond

This 'Altered Carbon' Star almost Became James Bond!
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While talking to The Independent, the Altered Carbon star revealed that he was in line for the role of James Bond, before the studio gave it to Pierce Brosnan. Moreover, he was again offered the job before Daniel Craig won the role as well. Purefoy said:

There have been jobs, Bond being one of them, where you get very close to getting something and then you start pulling away because the ramifications of what would happen if you got it become a little troubling. The closer I got to Bond, the more I wasn’t really sure.

To not follow through on the opportunity to one of the biggest roles in the industry is a decision that not many can understand. However, James Purefoy reveals that he was not the only actor who went through this conundrum. The Altered Carbon star said:

From what I gather, he turned it down two or three times because of a similar thing – being uncomfortable with being locked into a massive corporate world where you’re gonna spend more time publicizing the movie and wearing watches and suits and having to go to photoshoots and publicity drives… and you end up having to deal with a lot of stuff that you’d just really rather not deal with because it’s not your job. It’s not what you do. What you do is exist as somebody else between action and cut. That’s the purest and most interesting part of the job.

He still feels conflicted about the decision

That said, James Purefoy still feels conflicted about his decision, especially after this news became public. He further said:

The Bond thing… I kind of wish it had never been found out that I’d gone up for Bond. It has plagued my life – the job that I didn’t get.

We’ll never know how Purefoy would have filled the bond role. But, now that Daniel Craig has announced his departure from the franchise, whoever fills his shoes will be conflicted about the same things Purefoy was.


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