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John David Washington praises Christopher Nolan after ‘Tenet’

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After working on Tenet, the lead actor of the movie John David Washington has been left in awe of the director of the film, Christopher Nolan. He is all praises for the director and all of his fellow cast members on the movie. He said so in an interview with The Indian Express.

John David Washington has nothing but praise for Tenet director Christopher Nolan

John David Washington praises Christopher Nolan after 'Tenet'

Washington, who was previously a professional football player, took his time in joining the industry. He has already worked in popular films like Spike Lee’s BlackKklansman and Monster. But now, as Christopher Nolan’s main lead in Tenet, Washington is moving up the ladder significantly. And the actor has nothing but praises for Nolan on his time working on Tenet. He said:

Working with a hero of mine brought me great excitement at the prospect, and there was no telling what he had in mind for me. And so when I finally got to read the script, it is such an incredible, unique, original idea, it got me even more excited about how we’re going to do this how we’re going to bring this to life. And step-by-step we were doing it. Day by day, week by week, we were getting it done, and it was a great experience.

Moreover, John David Washington said that Nolan not only fulfilled but in fact exceeded his expectations. Moreover, he called him an actor’s director, saying how he truly appreciated and worked off of what Washington was bringing to the table:

He exceeded my expectations. I can’t speak for everybody else, but in my experience, Chris is an actor’s director. He fully embraced and championed my performance and spontaneity, and my contributions, using my instincts and what I felt like I could bring to the table. He never wanted things the same way, he would say to me sometimes and it would blow my mind — ‘I’ll work off of you’. If you hear Christopher Nolan and (cinematographer) Hoyte Van Hoytema say, ‘No, no, no. You do it, and I’ll work off of you,’ that’s something you don’t expect, given their histories and seeing their catalogue of films.

He learned some valuable lessons while shooting Tenet that will help him throughout his career

John David Washington praises Christopher Nolan after 'Tenet'
Warner Bros. ©

Furthermore, John David Washington also said that working with him has taught him lessons that he’ll use for the rest of his life. He said:

Seeing these legends, these people at the top of their game, wanted me to dictate certain things? It was incredible. They gave me great confidence because of moments like that. It gave me great joy and a rediscovery of my artistry and what I believe I can do now after something like this. I know so much more about the process of it now and I attribute that to Christopher Nolan.

Moreover, Washington credited Nolan for creating the ripe environment while filming Tenet where an actor could showcase his creativity and freedom in portraying the role. He said:

As an actor, when you can step into the space, everything feels alive and in play. And it has to be created that way. I mean, the leader has to create that environment for this to happen, and then, if you’ve done your research and you’re fully invested, it’s up to you to gather those clues, gather those discoveries and put them in the soup and make it something unimaginable, something that you can only create when you’re in those situations. And Chris provided that for us.

Washington was also all praises for his Tenet co-stars

Other than Christopher Nolan, Washington is equally in awe of his Tenet co-stars as well. He called working with them “seamless,” saying:

It was a dream cast as well. I mean everybody was brilliant. It’s interesting cause everybody has their own style, right? So sometimes it can take time to adjust to people’s style and maybe the conditions weren’t ideal all the time. And having to work through some of these things, nobody complained, and it was seamless.

… especially Robert Pattinson

John David Washington praises Christopher Nolan after 'Tenet'
Warner Bros. ©

And Washington especially enjoyed working with Robert Pattinson. Working with him didn’t require any dictation and their chemistry came seamlessly from the scene, saying:

I love the way Robert works. Sometimes we wouldn’t overly talk about what we were doing. We discovered things and let the elements dictate our attitude, our motivation at the time, and I think that worked great.

Tenet is set for release in India on December 4th and for release in Los Angeles from December 5th to 16th, until the release of the Blu-Ray.

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