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OnlyFans banned Gabi DeMartino after “n*de video from childhood” incident

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Gabi DeMartino, the queen of YouTube, is facing another controversy after one year of her Gabbie Hanna-Trisha Paytas feud. However, this time people are not ready to accept her apology. In an allegedly “unplanned attempt to appear cute”, Gabi promoted a video of hers on OnlyFans through DMs, for $3. However, the video turned out to be a 3 year old Gabi flashing herself in camera. That’s not what OnlyFans platform is for and the internet has already canceled Gabi.

Gabi DeMartino’s OnlyFans incident and allegations of child p*rn

Many critics called out Gabi DeMartino for using her childhood video to drain her subscribers’ money. If it was a regular suggestive content from her on her OnlyFans, then her subscribers wouldn’t have been so angry at her. However, she really shared her panty-less video with her followers, and used a suggestive caption to motivate her followers to pay $3 and unlock the post.

The critics are calling it promotion of “child p*rn” whether it was intended or accidental. She made her fans purchase it, and the fans are not happy. After the huge backlash, Gabi DeMartino issued an apology and clarified that it was not her intention to promote or s*xualize a child.

Gabi called it a goofy throwback and said she was sorry if it came out wrong. She also said that she just wanted to share her home-video with her “friends” on OnlyFans.

The backlash

Even after her apology, the Twitterverse is still calling her out for not thinking it through.



Some are also calling out Gabi DeMartino’s fans who are supporting her.


Many have also confirmed that they reported her to OnlyFans Support page and they received a response, confirming that her account has been banned from OnlyFans. Gabi had already deleted the video after the huge backlash. However, some of the people who purchased it, are trying to use this incident to gain fame by circulating the clip.


Gabi DeMartino has not yet responded to OnlyFans ban of her account.

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