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David Schwimmer Lookalike a Wanted Felon

Could he BE any more guilty?

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Did you ever imagine Ross Geller from FRIENDS stealing anything? Maybe yes, but only if it were some outdated fossils from the museum. But it seems like the police are on the lookout for a David Schwimmer look alike who apparently stole from a restaurant in England. The robbery video that went viral immediately caught everybody’s attention because our suspect has an uncanny resemblance with David Schwimmer. And as soon as we saw it, all sorts of Friends or Ross Geller puns started taking over the internet. Schwimmer himself had to intervene and clarify that the wanted felon in the robbery video is not him.

Is David Schwimmer A Wanted Felon?

The Blackpool police appealed for help in an alleged robbery of a coat, cellphone and a wallet from a restaurant on September 20th. The image of the wanted felon carrying a lot many beer crates went viral getting 100,00 comments and 50,000 shares. Social media users quickly pointed out how closely the suspect resembled the FRIENDS character Ross Geller. The police appealed asking people if they knew the man since they wanted to question him in the latest robbery incident.

The speculation of David Schwimmer being involved quickly turned into a joke online. After the CCTV footage was released, people commented out their sarcasm and jokes all targeting humor from Friends. One person took a shot at the Friends title song, while another hit how Ross grew up with Monica.

I don’t think it’s been this guy’s day, his week, his month or even his year.

Lay off him. He grew up with Monica. IF YOU DIDNT EAT FAST YOU DIDNT EAT.

When the references to David Schwimmer started pouring in, the police clarified that the actor had been ruled out as a suspect in this robbery. They said that they investigated thoroughly and Schwimmer was in America on that date. David Schwimmer himself reacted to the video swearing for the officers that it was not him. He added that he was in America, and wished the Blackpool police luck with this investigation.

Seems like the wanted felon is not Ross Geller, but maybe he too was on a break and needed some beers to chill?

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