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Harvey Weinstein Settlement Will Go to Accusers for Vote

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Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein‘s fate now rests in the hands of his victims. His recent attempt for a settlement, which will bring an end to most claims of sexual misconduct and sexual assault allegations against him, will go to the accusers for a vote.

Harvey Weinstein’s future rests in his victims’ hands

Harvey Weinstein charged with six new sexual assault allegations

The decision came from a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Mary F. Walrath on Tuesday. She approved the disclosure statement that will be sent to the women and the procedure that will take place to secure their responses. Moreover, there’ll be a lot of money involved in this settlement, as expected in any case against Harvey Weinstein.

The enormous money involved

The settlement will include a $17 million sexual misconduct claims fund, an $8.4 million liquidation trust settlement payment, and $9.7 million that’ll cover the defense costs for former lawyers of his company. Moreover, the $8.4 million liquidation money will be used to cover any bankruptcy claims not related to sexual misconduct.

How the settlement will be divided among the women

However, it’s not all finalized yet as a sexual misconduct claims examiner will review each claim filed against Harvey Weinstein. Moreover, they’ll also examine the testimonies and documents related to the claims and then assign a “point award”. The number of points each claim gets will determine the amount of money each woman would receive from the settlement. For example, if a claim gets 20 points out of a total of 200, she will get 10% of the settlement money.

Moreover, each claim will be given the choice to release all future claims against Weinstein or not. If the woman chooses to do so, she will get her full share from the settlement. Whereas if she doesn’t, she’ll only get 25 percent of the amount assigned to her claim, with the rest of the money going to insurance companies.

There will be three different ballots to determine if Weinstein’s settlement has enough support to go ahead. One will be for sexual misconduct claims, another for tort claims, and the last one for general unsecured claims. The court will go ahead with the settlement if two-thirds of the total voters and more than half of the voters from each category. The final day to deliver the ballots is December 18 at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Moreover, it is also the same deadline to submit any objections to the settlement. You can read more details of the settlement here. Let us know in the comments below if this is a fair deal to compensate the survivors or not!

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