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Sarah Silverman reveals shocking details about her s*x life

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So, Sarah Silverman recently appeared on the Howard Stern Show and decided to open up about some of the stuff that goes on in her bedroom. She revealed her experience when she dated a guy with a foot fetish and also explained how she absolutely loves being sp*nked.

Howard Stern brought up spanking in front of the I Love You, America star and said that he heard she “liked to be spanked”. To that, she replied:

Yeah, I wonder why that is. It feels good. Like, it can’t be hard enough I think. Or maybe, I don’t know.

The time her mother saw her b*tt with a huge bruise as a result of a spank

Sarah Silverman reveals shocking details about her s*x life
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Furthermore, Sarah Silverman also revealed the time when she had her first se*ual experience in New York. And of course, her partner obliged and spanked her. The problem was that she was still living at her parents’ house. And when her mother saw a massive bruise on her hindquarters, she naturally freaked out. Silverman recalled:

It was the first time I came home from New York and like I lost my virginity and like everything happened like in a year. And then, you know how women are like. In New Hampshire, we only had one good shower and it was her shower. So, she was like peeing and I’m like getting into the shower. And I step into the shower and she sees my a*s and she’s like ‘SARAH’. And I look back in the mirror. It is a bruise the exact shape of a hand.

When Sarah Silverman dated someone with a foot fetish

However, it wasn’t her only awkward se*ual encounter. Sarah  then further disclosed what it was like to date a guy who had a foot fetish. She said that he called her feet “slabs”. She recalled:

He’s the greatest guy… Like my b**bs and my a*s did nothing for him. I was lying on my stomach. I had to like touch his n*pples. He liked, like, n*pple stimulation and then he’s like ‘let’s see those slabs’. And then I have to kick up my feet.

Despite the awkwardness that most would feel who did not have a foot fetish, Sarah Silverman was still pretty okay with it. In fact, she defender her former partner, saying:

Oh I thought it was really funny… everybody has their things.

Needless to say, Sarah has been a real sport about it. But, fetishes are a whole different subject in their own right. What do you guys think about them? And do you have some se*ual kinks of your own? Feel free to drop them in the comments below, if you’re okay with it.

You can watch the interview here.

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