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How Zack Snyder convinced Jared Leto to play the Joker in ‘Justice League’

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Back in 2016, people were hyped to see Jared Leto‘s take on the Joker. However, it couldn’t be any more disappointing, as critics ripped his performance and the writing into shreds. And it must have been especially heartbreaking for him, as he put in a lot of effort into the character. However, it was equally intriguing for fans to see Zack Snyder give Leto another shot at the character in Justice League ‘Snyder cut’. And here’s how the director convinced the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman for a chance of redemption.

How Zack Snyder convinced Jared Leto to become the Joker once again

How Zack Snyder convinced Jared Leto to play the Joker in 'Justice League'
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There were a lot of problems with Suicide Squad, as a lot of Leto’s footage did not make it to the final cut. As a result, his performance had to pay the price. However, Zack Snyder will not give him a chance to redeem himself in his cut of Justice League.

While talking to TheFilmJunkee, Snyder revealed how he convinced Jared Leto to reprise the role of the Joker one more time. Here’s how he convinced the actor with multiple phone calls:

It was a cool conversation because when I pitched the idea, I feel like he hooked onto the ‘why’ of it because there’s a big why, and was like ‘okay’. And literally he said to me ‘We’ll talk more’. And then I kept calling him and we talked for a while and he agreed to do it.

Furthermore, Snyder also praised working with Jared Leto on Justice League. He admired his acting talents, saying:

I will say it was a great experience working with him. He’s a gifted actor and really dedicated.

What his inclusion means

Moreover, Zack Snyder also revealed that Jared Leto was not a part of the original Justice League, even before Joss Whedon came in. This, of course, makes Leto’s inclusion a retroactive one.

Zack Snyder has a massive advantage of hindsight, considering how catastrophically things fell apart with Justice League in 2017. He knows what worked and what didn’t and can rectify those mistakes. Moreover, this could give Snyder a chance to bring Leto’s Joker toe-to-toe with Ben Affleck’s Batman. The two have never gotten to fight each other in recent DC movies. And the rivalry between the Joker and Batman is the most iconic one in comic book history. So, we’ll have to wait until early 2021 for a release date on HBO Max. Will Leto be able to leave a mark on the character like Juaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger did? We’ll have to wait and see.

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