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Homelander Vs Butcher | Who’ll survive in The Boys Season 3?

Spoilers Alert!!!

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Many fans are done with The Boys season 2. And they are still trying to digest the fact that season 3 will not be coming sooner. The Boys season 2 finale was not that shocking when compared to The Boys season 1. But it did set the base for the season 3. If you aren’t waiting to see how Butcher will live without Becca, you should still keep your hopes high for the season 3. Apart from bringing Jensen Ackles to the team, the next season will also be putting one of the main two characters, Homelander and Butcher, to rest. Or is it going to be both of them?

Butcher will avenge Becca’s death by killing Homelander?

Since The Boys is based on comics, you cannot really stay away from the spoilers. I was late to the Season 2 party. And the news of Jensen Ackles joining The Boys as a supe forced me to put this series on highest priority. Jensen is done with Supernatural. But he is not done being a Supe.

Jensen Ackles will most probably be filling the space created by Stormfront. Will she recover fully and join the team? There is not a chance. Seems like she might join The Deep’s team. On the other hand, Butcher is left with Ryan instead of Becca. Contrary to his plans, he would have to live through Ryan now and replace Becca as Ryan’s guardian. Meanwhile, Homelander would definitely be going crazy to see that his very own flesh and blood chose Butcher over him.

Homelander does not like a challenge. he loves to be the sweetheart of America and he is ready to give up on Ryan just to keep his hero image alive. That’s what the finale of The Boys season 2 showed us. However, do you even trust Homelander for a second? We believe he is going to stir up something to get rid of Butcher and win over Ryan. But a theory says, Butcher will kill Homelander. What he’d fail to kill, would be the hero image of Homelander. Yes, Homelander might die in the season 3, but he will die as a hero in the eyes of the world.

What happens in the comics version?

A possible storyline: The same theory that gives us the hints and pretty much spoils The Boys season 3 for us, also discusses about the expected deviation of the season 3 storyline from the source material. In comics written by Garth Ennis, and co-created by Darick Robertson, Homelander succeeds in killing Homelander. But he wouldn’t succeed in removing the “villainous” tag from his image. Vought hates Butcher and his guts, and they would again present him as the “villain” he always was.

Avenging Becca’s death wouldn’t bring back Becca. Therefore, Butcher will continue his killing spree. And he would kill his own mates, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie and the Girl(Kimiko) as well. Hughie would kill Butcher to stop him from destroying everything.

The theory also suggests that the series deviates from the original source material. So, there is a huge possibility things wouldn’t end up the way they do in the comics. However, seeing how everyone got their [temporary] happy ending at the end of The Boys season 2, following the comics story does make sense. You don’t get to see too many happy endings in “The Boys”.

If Homelander ends up killing Butcher, just to deviate from the comics, then it wouldn’t surprise us as well. Let’s just keep digging the theories. I am going to stay away from the comics though. It’d make all these spoilers “official”.

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