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Hugh Grant Panicked When He Got COVID-19 In February

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Hugh Grant is the public’s favorite rom-com hero. We have watched him in numerous movies, charming the hearts of many women. So obviously, the thought of him contracting a deadly virus that is killing millions across the globe could get anyone to panic.

And that’s what happened with Hugh himself.

While making an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Hugh Grant revealed that he and his wife had contracted COVID-19 earlier this year. However, there was only one symptom that made him worry.

Hugh’s symptoms started being noticeable in February.

“It started as a very strange syndrome where I kept breaking into a terrible sweat, like a poncho of sweat, embarrassing really. Then my eyeballs felt about three sizes too big and this feeling as though some enormous man was sitting on my chest.… I thought, I don’t know what this is,” he told Stephen in the interview.

Then Hugh revealed he was walking down the street one day and realized he had lost his sense of smell. “I thought, I can’t smell a damn thing, and you start to panic,” he said. This was when people had started talking about losing your sense of taste as a COVID-19 symptom.

Hugh started sniffing flowers and got nothing. Then he got more and more desperate and eventually turned to sniff garbage cans. “You want to sniff strangers’ armpits because you just can’t smell anything,” Hugh shared. Later when he went home, his desperation led him to spray his wife’s Chanel No. 5 directly into his face. “I couldn’t smell a thing, but I did go blind,” he joked.

Losing your sense of taste or smell has been identified as one of the COVID-19 symptoms. However, it is also a fairly common symptom of viral illnesses other than COVID-19.

Did Hugh Grant Take A COVID Test?

Hugh Grant did not mention taking a COVID-19 test at the time. However, he did admit to taking an antibody one about a month ago.

“We have antibodies, and I’m rather proud of them,” he shared. “I still have those antibodies, so I know that’s what it was.”

As of now, Hugh Grant and his wife have both safely recovered from COVID-19. They are currently quarantining at home along with their three young children.

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