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Why Barack Obama won’t be joining Joe Biden’s Cabinet

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Former US President Barack Obama has made it clear that he will not be a part of Joe Biden‘s cabinet. The 44th President of the United States will not be joining his close friend and former Vice President’s cabinet, despite his extensive experience in the White House. And that is because he does not want to make his wife, Michelle Obama, angry.

Obama not interested to work in Joe Biden’s cabinet

Why Barack Obama won't be joining Joe Biden's Cabinet

Joe Biden is the winner of the 2020 US Presidential elections, along with Kamala Harris. However, Barack Obama will not be joining them in their bid to run America. While giving an interview to CBS a couple of days before the publication of his memoir, A Promised Land, Obama made the remark on the prospect of working under a Biden administration. Biden was Obama’s running mate twice and his Vice-President from 2009 to 2017. When co-host Gayle King asked him how he could help Biden, Obama replied:

He doesn’t need my advice, and I will help him in any ways that I can. Now, I’m not planning to suddenly work on the White House staff or something.

Furthermore, when asked if he would consider a cabinet position under Biden, Obama responded how his wife Michelle Obama would just leave him. He said:

There are some things I would not be doing because Michelle would leave me. She’d be like, what? You’re doing what?

Barack Obama may not be eyeing a role in Joe Biden’s cabinet, however, veterans from his administration are definitely in line to get key posts. These include Susan Rice and Michelle Flournoy. And no one can blame Obama for not re-entering politics. He has enough activities lined to occupy his time. For instance, he just established a charitable organization named The Obama Presidential Center. And, he also signed a huge production deal with Netflix.

Barack Obama’s book, A Promised Land

In his book, Obama talks about his “meteoric rise” from the Senate to the White House. More importantly for him, he talks about how it affected his marriage with Michelle and their daughters Sasha and Malia. He mentioned how it hampered his wife to pursue a law career, saying:

My career in politics, with its prolonged absences, had made it even tougher. More than once Michelle had decided not to pursue an opportunity that excited her but would have demanded too much time away from the girls… With my election [as president] she’d been forced to give up a job with real impact for a role [as first lady] that – in its original design, at least – was far too small for her gifts.

With all these burdens, it makes sense for Barack Obama to not be involved in the White House again. Furthermore, he has a sweet deal with Penguin Random House worth $65 million. That deal would cover his own and his wife’s memoir, Becoming, released back in 2018. And he also has a deal to write a second volume as well. He discussed it with Oprah Winfrey in an interview set to air on Apple TV on Tuesday:

(Michelle and I) went through our rough patches in the White House, as she’s written about, she’s talked about. But I tell you that the thing that I think we were good about was talking stuff through, never losing fundamental love and respect for each other, and prioritising our kids.

Life after the White House

Other than discussing a role in the Biden administration and his upcoming book, Obama also talked about life outside the White House, especially without the protocols and the Presidential motorcade. And that is something Donald Trump should consider as well, when he has to leave office by January 20th. Obama said in the same CBS interview:

I’m driving along, I’m still not driving, but [I’m] in the car. I’m in the car in the backseat and I’m looking at my iPad or something. And suddenly, we stop and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ There’s a red light. There’s a car right next to us. Some kids are eating a burrito or something in the backseat. Back to life.

You can watch his interview with CBS here:

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