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Even Republicans are now admitting that Joe Biden won!

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Under normal circumstances, the loser of the Presidential election would simply concede to the President-elect and move on with their life. But, as you’ve heard several times over the past year, we’re living in unprecedented times. And apart from the pandemic, the 2020 US elections turned out to be unprecedented as well. This is because Donald Trump still refuses to admit defeat and concede to the winner, President-elect Joe Biden. There are some in his party who are still standing by him. However, even Republicans are now admitting that Biden won the election. And that also includes Republican electors, who will vote in the electoral college.

The people may have cast their votes on November the 3rd, but it’s the electors who vote for the President. They’ll be casting their votes on the 14th of December, making Joe Biden officially the President of the United States. Whichever candidate wins the state, wins all of the electoral college votes allocated to the state.

Republican electors come out and saw Joe Biden won the electoral college fair and square

Even Republicans are now admitting that Joe Biden won the electoral college!
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For the state of Wisconsin, the Republican electoral college voter would have been Bill Feehan. Since the Democrats won Wisconsin, Feehan won’t be the elector from the state and it’ll instead fall on the shoulders of his Democratic counterpart to cast his vote for Biden. Even though his colleagues and fellow Republicans are backing Trump, he is a bit skeptical about the President’s claims. He told Buzzfeed:

I haven’t even thought about it. I’m a man of reason, so I look to see what evidence is there right now, and essentially I haven’t seen any evidence that proves that there was massive voter fraud, enough to change 20,000 votes in the state of Wisconsin.

Furthermore, another Republican elector Eileen Rice in Nevada, a state that Biden won, believes the race was over. And she expects a smooth transition as well. She also claimed that despite the discrepancies, mail-in voting fraud was just not rampant, saying:

I don’t think there’s going to be enough of those instances, if they find them, to make a difference. The margin is just too wide.

Another Republican elector from the state of Nevada, James DeGraffenreid, is still waiting to see how the votes shake out. He told Buzzfeed before the official results from Nevada rolled in in favor of Biden:

We’re waiting to see what the results end up being when everything’s finally counted. We’re hopeful obviously that we will be the electors. There’s a lot of questions about what has happened. Certainly not all the ballots are counted. The last we knew, there were still tens of thousands of ballots to be counted in Clark County.

Democrats are sure there was no voter fraud and that Trump’s lawsuits will fail

Other than Republicans, Democrats are extremely confident that Trump’s lawsuits, all of them, will be scrapped out by the Supreme Court. Susan Nichols, a Democratic elector from the state of Michigan, who will be voting for Joe Biden on December 14th, told Buzzfeed:

I really don’t think they would go against the will of the people

Moreover, Democrat elector from Pennsylvania Nina Ahmad lost her race for Pennsylvania’s auditor general in the elections. However, she will vote for Joe Biden as one of the state’s 20 electors. Ahmad, who is a scientist, immigrant, and woman of color, lost her seat that was previously held by Democrats in a swing state. Despite the bitterness of the loss, she still believes in the voting system, dismissing any issues. She said:

I had a lot at stake. I could easily say it’s false and I lost votes and it’s all fake. It’s real, and this is the voice of the people.

Ryan Boyer, another Democratic elector, mentioned how Democrats lost two statewide races and lost seats in the House and the Senate. This is proof that any claims of voter fraud in Pennsylvania in favor of Biden are just laughable. He said:

If the Democrats were going to steal the election, they did a terrible job.

Pennsylvania legislators are confident about the vote count in their state

The Republican Senate majority leader from Pennsylvania, Jake Corman, has complained about the voting process. However, he did say that:

(The Republicans)certainly want to stay with the tradition of the popular vote winner getting the electors.

Furthermore, the president of labor union Pennsylvania and an elector for Biden Rick Bloomingdale said:

I don’t expect the legislature to try anything but these are strange times. They won their elections fair and square. Joe Biden won his election fair and square.

Moreover, the Pennsylvania Democratic electors commended the state in doing an excellent job while conducting the elections, with Boyer saying that the booths had “probably more cameras than a casino”:

I believe in the systems that were put in place, every ballot and polling location had maximum transparency.

Furthermore, Nina Ahmad also agreed. She further said that Trump and other Republicans questioning the process in Pennsylvania is a massive insult to the state’s poll workers:

I give high marks to our board of elections across these 67 counties and the workers who have toiled and continue to toil. They have done an incredible job under difficult circumstances. What the Trump people have done is try and make their lives impossible. These are not politicians; they are just doing their job regardless of party. For them to be harassed like this is really not acceptable.

Democrats are hopeful for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Of course, one aspect of this election that cannot be ignored is the fact that America has a woman as a Vice-President-Elect, that too of color in Kamala Harris. And Nina Ahmad was very happy about that, being a woman of color herself. She said:

I am deeply invested in Kamala Harris being on that ticket in history.

Finally, Daisy Cruz, another Democratic elector from Pennsylvania and a district leader at the 32BJ SEIU labor union said:

The voters in the state of Pennsylvania have spoken and we need to respect the rule of the voters. I don’t think people should have any concerns.

And Bloomingdale agreed with him

I expect our history and tradition to prevail and democracy to prevail, and on Dec. 14 I will be casting my vote for Joe Biden for president and Kamala Harris for vice president.

You can read more details about the Republican and Democratic electors who believe Joe Biden won the popular vote as well as the electoral college vote here.

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