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Jamie Lee Curtis Was an Opioid Addict

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The popular actress Jamie Lee Curtis was an opioid addict previously. But for the past twenty years, she has maintained her sobriety. And it definitely has not been very easy on her. In her latest interview, she opened up explaining how she became an addict. And how her opioid addiction and the peak of her career overlapped. Somehow, Jamie Lee Curtis always kept herself going through it. And now that she has recovered and been sober for the past 20 years, it’s definitely something that needs all the possible appreciation.

Jamie Lee Curtis shared that she became addicted to opioid back in 1989. But she managed to successfully hide it for the next 10 years. She claimed that,

I was ahead of the curve of the opiate epidemic. I had a 10-year run, stealing, conniving. No one knew. No one.

Curtis has shared that she wants her sobriety to influence other people in her family. She said that she wishes to break the cycle that has destroyed many lives of generations in her family. And that getting sober has been her single greatest accomplishment. It’s even bigger than her husband, both her children, and definitely bigger than all her success and failures.

Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that she still attends recovery meetings and tries her best to pay it forward. She said that in recovery meetings, whenever someone brings up opioid, everybody in the room turns to look at her. And that’s because she claims to be the opiate girl and welcomes people to talk to her.

This however, is not the first time that Jamie Lee Curtis has opened about being an addict. In 2012, she told CNN that nobody could define addiction because it changes with each individual. But they could talk about the hope of recovering from it.

Jamie Lee Curtis remains an incredible actress and let’s just say that we are proud of her sobriety!

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