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Liam Payne Tired Of Click Bait Articles About His Son Bear

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Liam Payne is not about to let anyone raise any eyebrows about his role as a father to son, Bear.

On November 6th, the former One Direction star took to Instagram to respond to an article. This article was published by The Daily Mail and was about his relationship with his son, Bear. However, the problem Liam had was about the headline of the article. Which said that Liam was taking “time away” from his toddler son. The article then made reference to quotes that Liam had made to Tings in which he had said that he had to be away from his son for the longest period of time since he was born because of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

However, the article made it sound like he was not a good father which is why he was taking time away from his son.

Liam shut down all speculation and hit back at the misleading headline from the publication on his Instagram.

He wrote saying, “Usually I let these things slide but this is completely out of context. I couldn’t see my son because of the worldwide pandemic that is happening. Not because I had anything wrong with me like this headline hints at.”


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Liam then accused the outlet of using a misleading headline as “click bait.”

“This interview was done during the first nationwide lockdown at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. And I was discussing not being able to see my child which is a difficult time for any parent,” Liam continued. “I wish sometimes these people would do the research and give context. Instead of painting people a certain way for click bait.”

What Did Liam Actually Say?

However, let’s take a look at what he had actually said that got twisted so much in the first place.

Liam had explained to Ting, “Me and Cheryl decided I should be away for a little bit, it’s not unusual for me to be in and out of his life. He’s a quiet and chill child. He doesn’t worry about things too much.”

While being a parent can be extremely challenging, Liam has made it perfectly clear that he is dedicated to being a father to son, Bear. Even if he has to do it from afar. Be it a coronavirus pandemic or his singing career.

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