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Brian May shares that Queen thought ‘Live Aid’ Performance was just “OK”

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Whenever we hear Queen’s Live Aid performance, we almost religiously replay it. That’s kind of a tradition. And, it’s a trademark of incredible artists who perform songs even better in front of a live audience. Freddie Mercury was known for that. But, did you know that Freddie, Brian May, and the rest of Queen’s band members were not impressed by their ‘Live Aid performance? That’s right, and they thought “kind of ok”.

Brian May shares that Queen thought 'Live Aid' Performance was just "OK"
Live Aid | YouTube

The 22-minute performance by Queen for Live Aid is often hailed as the greatest live performance of all time. The entire purpose of Freddie Mercury’s biopic Bohemian Rhapsody was to re-create that performance. However, Brian May did not think like that at the start.

While talking to TalkRADIO about the biopic, Brian May revealed that he initially had modest opinions about the performance when they got off-stage. He said:

It was so strange kind of reliving it for the movie. They recreated it so incredibly faithfully, and to be there on that set was really spine chilling; it brought it all back. And at the time, we weren’t aware of what an epoch-making thing it was, really. We came off (thinking), ‘Well, that went kind of OK’. But we didn’t realise that it had made such a lasting impression on the ether. … It sort of lives on, doesn’t it?

Brian May further praises Freddie Mercury

Brian May shares that Queen thought 'Live Aid' Performance was just "OK"
Wikimedia Commons

Furthermore, Brian May talked about the incredible talents that his late band member Freddie Mercury possessed. Freddie is often considered the greatest voice that rock music has ever produced. May said:

He had a great spatial awareness, and that’s something very important. If you’re working with people on a stage, you need to have musical contact, but you also need the kind of physical chemistry going on — the awareness of where you are and where you’re aiming your energy. Freddie was wonderful for that, and we just clicked from the very beginning.

Other than music, Brian May has also really struggled with his health recently. Back in May, the guitarist revealed that he almost died of a heart attack. According to May, he was “very near death” after he was hospitalized, as three arteries in his heart were congested. Moreover, the drugs he took on his aid to recovery resulted in a stomach explosion that also nearly killed him.

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