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Wild Mountain Thyme faces backlash for Jamie Dornan’s “accent”

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We all love Emily Blunt and there is no doubt about it. Her acting skills are always on-point and she nails her characters almost all of the times. However, this time, it seems like the world is not happy with her upcoming project with Jamie Dornan, Christopher Walken and Jon Hamm. The mentioned cast members came together for a romantic, comedy movie titled Wild Mountain Thyme. Instead of inspiring the internet with its romantic theme, the trailer of the movie has people shocked with the Irish accents.

Wild Mountain Thyme and the Irish Accent

Nailing a foreign language as well as an accent is a tough job. Wild Mountain Thyme movie is based in Ireland. Therefore, John Patrick Shanley should have picked an Irish cast for the movie. He picked wonderful actors for the movie. But the internet is calling him out on failing the Irish community. Some have even called it cultural appropriation.

Set in rural Ireland, Wild Mountain Thyme is supposed to bring out the actual accent. The world is shocked with the accents Emily Blunt and Christopher Walken bring to the movie. However, they were not expecting Jamie Dornan to fall in line with them since he is Irish.

Jamie Dornan is a brilliant actor and I personally believe that he is still pretty much underrated. He got famous for his fifty shades role, something that does not justify his acting skills. And definitely made famous by the people who have not seen The Fall yet.

Leprechaun Museum is not happy with the accents. And Twitter is not accepting Jamie Dornan ‘faking’ the accent while he didn’t have to fake it at all. On the other hand, Emily Blunt’s fans are calling her out for accepting the role when she couldn’t nail the accent at all.

Even Dublin Airport took a dive and commented on the trailer:


Embassy of Ireland, USA stepped in as well:

Foil Arms and Hog, an Irish Trio, are going viral on Twitter alongside the Wild Mountain Thyme trailer. If you have witnessed the Emily Blunt Accent in the movie, you should see this too:

People on the internet are also comparing the movie with Emily In Paris:

The psycho from The Fall

Thing is, I have watched The Fall, and Jamie Dornan’s role in it was way better than the one we are about to see when the movie comes out.

And it does seem like I’m not the only one who thinks he nailed the accent in The Fall.

There is whole article on Falling for Jamie Dornan, the real talent. This movie is not going to do good for his future projects. We miss “The Fall” guy.

Have you seen The Fall? Do you think Wild mountain Thyme will not be good for Jamie Dornan? Share your views in the comments below.

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