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Kylie Jenner Sued By Sheree Cosmetics For Plagiarizing Makeup Line

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One of the most famous cosmetics brands, Kylie cosmetics is once again in the news. And this is for a sacredly confusing reason. The 21-year-old pro-beautician Kylie Jenner has her makeup brand on fire. As it has an accusation on itself. And, this is for duplicating the theme of ‘born to sparkle’ makeup line from another cosmetics brand, Sheree cosmetics.

Is Kylie Jenner Guilty?

Kylie Jenner launched her birthday themed makeup line on August 6th, which included several colored liquid glittery eyeshadows. Kylie Jenner, later herself uploaded a picture where she was wearing a ‘born to sparkle’ eyeshadow. All of this greatly annoyed the team of Sheree Cosmetics. They quickly realized that it shared a striking resemblance with their eyeshadows. The similarity was tangible in the formula, colors, packaging, and even in the name.

Sheree Cosmetics File a Lawsuit

Sheree cosmetics agrees that the companies had simultaneously launched a wide range of the ‘born to sparkle’ collection in August. But the eyeshadow palette of the same name had been available since October 2017 to its customers. Sheree cosmetics has filed a lawsuit at the US southern district of New York on the hugely popular Kylie cosmetics. This is because the similarities in the products have highly affected the sales of the original Sheree cosmetic eyeshadows. They have clearly stated that they were very upset with Kylie Jenner, and Kylie Cosmetics. The legal proceedings will probably take place strictly.

Tifanny Herrman, the founder of Sheree Cosmetics explained that she had to file a lawsuit. She had to do it to ‘protect her business’ and everything she ‘has worked so far’. She told the publication that

“We are a truly self-made business and I wonder who was led to the wrong Born To Sparkle palette when searching for ours.’’

Anthony M, the lawyer of the lawsuit has not commented on how much money Sheree Cosmetics have demanded from Kylie Jenner’s makeup line- The Kylie Cosmetics. When reporters try to reach out to the makeup artist, she .does not respond. Kylie Jenner instead has announced the launch of three new lip kits without even giving a glimpse of what her brand is currently doing with the matter.

This Is Not The First Time

Kylie Cosmetics has been booked several times before for similar on the grounds of similar copyright issues. Before this, Kylie had released a camo-themed clothing collection on her online store. These shared strikingly similar features with New York brand, Plugged NYC. It features a collection of bikinis, crop tops, and pants. Before that, while promoting Kylie Cosmetic’s metallic lipstick, the company’s Instagram account uploaded a picture of dripping metallic lips. These were originally designed by makeup artist Vlada Haggerty. Vlada then reached out towards the young CEO of the Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner Is Not The Only One

It is indeed sad to see big-wigs aligning their own names against copied works to bring in an influx of capital. It is not Just Kylie Jenner and Sheree Cosmetics, there are a lot of other celebrities who aim to grow at the expense of smaller businesses. Recently, Bella Thorne released her makeup brand. The brightly colored eyeshadow palettes weren’t just overpriced, they were copied. Fans immediately noticed the palpable resemblance between Bella Thorne’s Filthy Fangs and Juvia’s Place. The African born owner of Julia’s place; however, handled the situation with fine grace. Earlier this year, famous YouTuber and make-up artist and owner of a major make-up brand, Jeffree Stars called out Huda for stealing products from smaller companies as well.

What’s Really Wrong About It?

The kapitalism of the Kardashian sisters is the epitome of what is wrong in a commercial America. Celebrities and influencers have a huge following. So whenever they release any product, they are surely to get a lot of sales immediately. It’s the formula many YouTubers have used time and time again. So, they don’t really need a marketing campaign in their business. But smaller companies working tirelessly desperately need effective marketing strategies to even make a break-even point at the start. Each sale matters to them. Having a unique brand identity with unique products is what usually helps them stand out and be successful. But if big influencers like Kylie Jenner just copy and steal from these very companies, they’re essentially stealing their customers. And it’s with this the whole illusion of meritocracy comes tumbling down.

Regardless of how the lawsuit against Kylie Cosmetics works out, we are expecting a sound explanation form, Kylie Jenner. She pretty much owes us, and especially Sheree Cosmetics this explanation.

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