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Daredevil Season 3 Ends, Hopes For Season 4 Bloom

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You can now stream all episodes of Daredevil Season 3 on Netflix. Though the online streaming service is yet to confirm a follow-up season, Season 3 has paved ample room for a season 4. To be more specific, the series has introduced an all-new villain in its last episode. In addition to this, it has tipped another villain for growth.  Let’s take a birds-eye view into how the Season 3 wrapped up. Alongside, we will look into the fates of Bullseye, Kingpin and Matt Mudrock.

Dr. Oyama And Bullseye

Firstly, season 3 closed with a new character Dr. Oyama (Glenn Kubota) operating a paralyzed Bullseye for a broken spine. Dr.Oyama appears in the comics as Lord Dark Wind, a Japanese surgeon driven by his lust for power. Dr. Oyama is popular for his bone binding experiment, and Wolverine is one of his experimental results. However, here we will see Dr. Oyama treating Bullseye from a rather incurable spine cord shatter. Only after this, he will begin his villainous antics by letting in a Japanese influence on American politics. This is probably how Oyama’s character will shape up in Daredevil Season 4.

Kingpin Exposed, What Next For Marvel’s Daredevil

Season 3 ended on a happy note for Matt Murdock and company. As they finally exposed Wilson’s Fisk’s corruption and put the newly minted Kingpin back in prison. This will probably put Wilson Fisk’s Kingpin on hiatus in the series for now. It is unlikely that Kingpin will return to Season 4 as Daredevil’s main antagonist. And we can say that safely because the seat vacated by Kingpin is the only gateway for Dr. Oyama to further his evil plans.

However, it does not mean that we have seen the last of Kingpin. He knows well how to cause Matt torment from afar, and he can quietly execute his mafia work from behind the bars. In his absence, though, we hope to see his spouse Vanessa Fisk taking a more antagonistic turn. If the series more acutely follows the comic storyline then this is bound to happen. But regardless of whoever takes the throne of the villain this time, we can be sure that it won’t be Kingpin.

Matt Murdock Or Daredevil?

Daredevil Season 3 opened a fine optimistic venue for Matt Murdock. He managed to expose the criminal lord Kingpin and did not tumble into becoming a murderer himself in the attempt.  He reunites with Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, and even with his estranged mother, Maggie. Matt also opens up a new law firm to bring home some cash. However, for the comic book hero, Matt Murdock things resolve to only open way for newer, more serious troubles.

By the end of Season 3, a lot of people discovered about Matt Murdock’s alter ego Daredevil. And the public conscience will only expand in Season 4. With his identity unveiled, Matt will face the consequences of lost secrecy. Vanessa and her husband both are now aware of Matt Murdock being Daredevil, hence they would obviously manipulate the situation to get Matt in legal trouble.

Things in Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 surely hit the Bullseye. It is inarguably the best season of this Netflix show so far. It depicted everything from an ominous, badass villain like Kingpin, outstanding action choreography, fabulous characters like Bullseye with rich dark backstories, and an obscurely dark Daredevil who was ready to die las a devil from Hell’s Kitchen rather than live as Matt Murdock. As the season wrapped up; however, it made sure that it reinvents itself before the arrival of Season 4. The last episode pulled Matt Murdock back from his disillusioning abyss. Season 3 saw a lot of Catholicism, alongside a redemption arc. Season 4 much, in contrast, will hopefully draw away from the individualistic approaches and will focus on the bigger picture.

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