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Did Sarah Silverman Defend Louis C.K?

And why is Louis C.K. still silent

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Sarah Silverman, the woman we know and love from I Love You, America has come in the headlines for a very controversial topic. It concerns her friend and former beloved comedian Louis C.K. In an interview with Variety, Sarah Silverman talked about how Louis C.K. had often masturbated in front of her plenty of times in the past. She believes that they used to be equals peers so it wasn’t something she thought of as sexual harassment. But she thinks his victims were victims because there was a power dynamic happening. But one of the victims, Rebecca Corry just stated that she too was her equal and Louis C.K. had nothing to offer her. This led to Sarah Silverman having to apologize for her words.

Was Sarah Silverman Defending Louis C.K.?

Sarah has been in a real conundrum ever since Louis C.K. was accused of sexual harassment. She doesn’t condone his actions but she still loves her friend. It’s something most people can relate to. It’s hard to accept your friends and their flaws but you still choose to do so. You have to give people chances, and Sarah Silverman is holding onto that hope it seems. But as she was trying to offer up justifications for the wrong actions of Louis C.K., she wasn’t doing in hopes of defending Louis C.K.’s actions. She did it in order for us to understand why people commit sexual harassment in the first place. Though, her way of doing so wasn’t the most wise. But she even admits to that. The real issue is that why did Sarah have the need to offer up a justification in the first place? Why didn’t Louis C.K. say anything?

Louis C.K. Faced No Consequences


Louis C.K. came back to the comedy scene to do a surprise set at the New York’s Comedy Cellar. The venue is a place that is known to have surprise appearances of comedians. So, it was the perfect way for Louis C.K. to be able to come back with no problems. Though, the female audience members have expressed that they felt uneasy and uncomfortable during the performance. It didn’t help when most of the jokes had hints of toxic masculinity in it. There was even a joke about a rape whistle. The fact that most of the guys around were laughing joyfully and agreeing with him is a testament to how far we still have to go. A wave of #MeToo movement and #TimesUp rallying isn’t clearly enough for an entire social change of humanity. It seems like we need to be better as a society.

We Can’t Forgive Louis C.K. Just Yet

The real problem lies in the fact that Louis C.K. wasn’t held accountable for his actions completely. He abused his power to overpower women. The comedian created an unsafe environment for his women peers even when he had nothing to offer to them. Acting in a self-entitled manner like many other men have in Hollywood, he ruined careers and lives of women. Whether it be Chris Brown committing domestic abuse, Bill Cosby raping countless women over the years, Les Moonves committing sexual harassment in the workplace, Kevin Spacey molesting boys, James Franco assaulting co-star Busy Phillips, and the infamous Harvey Weinstein using his power to commit horrendous levels of sexual harassment over the years, the fact is that the whole culture of Hollywood and patriarchy has allowed these things to continue for decades. The men in question usually deny the allegations, or like Louis C.K. admit to it but never take any action or words that would convince the public they’ve learnt the lesson.

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