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Danielle Cohn faces backlash for commenting on Zoe LaVerne’s scandal

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Danielle Cohn, the internet personality and singer, is not a stranger to controversies and scandals. She has faced some issues after gaining fame. And if someone knows how age-gaps can become controversial, it’s definitely her. Danielle is still facing her “real age” controversy. She is claimed to be 16. However, when her current boyfriend Mikey Tua broke up with her last year, he confirmed that the breakup is because of her “actual age”. And that was claimed to be 13 by her father. Now, she is facing backlash on her age again. And this time it’s because of Danielle commenting on Zoe LaVerne’s scandal.

Can Danielle Cohn comment on Zoe LaVerne’s scandal?

Danielle Cohn, 16, is dating Mikey Tua, 18, for the last few months. But even before that, they dated for quite a while before breaking up after her age became a controversy. Mikey claimed Danielle was hiding her real age from the world. However, after getting back together with her now, the age does not seem to be an issue for them.

The current claimed age gap between Danielle and Mikey is 2 years. On the other hand, if the controversies are true, then the age gap would be of 4 years. Seeing how she is always proving to the world that she is not that young, the internet still called her out on sharing her thoughts on the recent viral scandal of Zoe LaVerne.

Zoe LaVerne, a TikTok personality, developed feelings for a 13-years-old teenager. Zoe is 19 years old. The issue was highlighted by many people when a video clip of Zoe kissing the boy went viral on the internet. Zoe was accused of grooming a young child. And people have been calling her out for not respecting the age-gap. In fact, many called it an act of p*dophilia.

Dani’s thoughts on the situation

In her recent vlog, Danielle Cohn discussed the whole scandal and shared her thoughts on it.

Me and my boyfriend do have an age gap. But, at the end of the day, our age gap isn’t like a 6 or almost 7 years age gap.

Danielle Cohn continued talking about how people keep discussing her age gap in both the scenarios of her being 16, or 14.

I think it’s like 3 years or 3 and a half years….if i was 14. But like I said, I’m not that age. I tell you guys all the time how old I am. But you guys don’t want to believe me. So, whatever. But, either way, even if I was that age which I am not, that’s still only be like 3 and something months.

Danielle Cohn kept enforcing that if she was 14 her age gap with Mikey Tua is still not that big as compared to Zoe LaVerne and Connor Joyce.

Also, we have been dating before he [Mikey Tua] was 18. So, that does make it legal.

Danielle Cohn also called out Zoe LaVerne for “justifying” her actions based on her mental health.

Your mental health does not make you dumb. It does not make you forget how old you are or how old that kid is.

She further added that even if it was just a “kiss”, it was still not okay due to the age gap. Danielle Cohn also pointed out that Zoe LaVerne and Connor wear “touch bracelets”. These bracelets are for long-distance lovers to bring them closer whenever they are missing the touch of their loved one. As per Danielle, speaking from her experience, Zoe was intimate on other levels as well. It was not just kissing. Otherwise, she would not be wearing a touch band.

Do you think people should be judging Danielle Cohn and her views based on her relationship with Mikey Tua? Share your views in the comments below.

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