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PewDiePie’s Show Cancelled But Logan Paul’s Movie Released

YouTube Is Confused About what it wants to do

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With millions of subscribers, comes great responsibility. Not all are worthy of being able to handle all of it so easily. We’re talking about the most famous and controversial YouTubers on the internet: PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, and Logan Paul. Both did acts that received a lot of backlash. YouTube took measures that would prevent such behavior in the future but it seems to have favored Logan Paul more than Pewdewpie.

How Logan Paul was Affected

Logan became the most hated guy on the internet when he posted a video of a suicide forest in Japan, which showed a dead body. The video was taken down but it received a lot of hate and backlash from essentially everyone. YouTube took down ads from Logan Paul’s channel and delayed the release of his new movie Thinning: New World Order. People generally assumed that the movie was never going to see the light of day because of the gravity of the situation. But it seems like they were wrong. YouTube just released the movie Thinning:New World Order last week, which is now available on YouTube Premium.

Pewdewpie Received Harsher Punishment

A year before the Logan Paul fiasco, PewDiePie got himself into a major controversy when he paid two guys to hold up a sign that said “Death to All Jews”. This led to YouTube taking swift action and cancelling the release of Scare PewDiePie. Though, PewDiePie stated that it was just a joke with no ill intentions. But in this politically correct environment we live today, it would have been hard to get away with this one. So, consequently his show was almost immediately cancelled with no second thoughts given. But YouTube took a decision to release the movie Thinning:New World Order of Logan Paul after the delay. They justified the act by saying they didn’t it was fair for all of the people involved in the project. Felix’s rightful response is that, wasn’t there people involved in his show too?

PewDiePie Wants Fairness

PewDiePie released a video talking about this issue. He said that it was justified for YouTube to make the decision to cancel his show. But if the company is going to make such major decisions then they need to be fair. It’s their right to treat all content creators on the platform by the same standards of justice. The intensity of Logan Paul’s actions was much higher than a joke PewDiePie did, yet he faced almost little to no consequences. It’s inept leadership that Felix wants to point out. He claims that having Logan Paul’s movie released is fair because of the fact so many people worked on it, but it isn’t fair that his show stays cancelled then.

YouTube needs to assess where its priorities lie. It can’t favor one huge controversial YouTuber over the other due to whatever reason they believe. They need to have consistency in how they handle issues like these. If they keep giving people like Logan Paul a platform, then it sets a precedent that anyone can get away with essentially anything.

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