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Celebrities Ask Election Officials to “Count Every Vote!”

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The 2020 US Elections turned out to be a lot closer in the Electoral College than it initially seemed. We’re almost going to the last vote right now! Moreover, the trend of the results shifted significantly in Joe Biden‘s favor, after initially going in favor of Donald Trump. That is because of mail-in-ballots being heavily in favor of Biden and the Democrats. And that made celebrities quite anxious too.

Then, as the results started swinging, Donald Trump started threatening different states with lawsuits to stop the count. He prematurely declared victory and called the mail-in-ballots a “fraud on the American republic”. That prompted several Democrats and Biden supporters to call for all votes to be counted. Even protests erupted in several cities against Trump. As a result, celebrities have joined in the call, asking election officials to “Count Every Vote”!

Across this election year, celebrities have played a more than active role in campaigning, raising awareness, getting people to vote, and even voting as well. celebrities have continuously used creative ways to get people voting on election day. But, now that election day has passed, they’re still trying their best to play the role they can in the results. Now, many celebrities started tweeting.

Celebrities are trending “Count every vote!”

Here’s Katy Perry tweeting with the Twitter trend #CountEveryVote:

Furthermore, Lady Gaga also joined the list of other celebrities who are trying to make sure the ballots of voting Americans do not get discarded or ignored. She tweeted:

Sending love, hugs, and cheers to ALL the wonderful American Citizens counting ballot after ballot to make every vote count for us! You are warriors, representing the heart and soul of all the people!


Of all the celebrities on Twitter, Mark Ruffalo has been one of the most politically active ones. After passionately supporting Bernie Sanders, he put all his effort into Joe Biden to get elected as President. Now that the elections are done, he wants every vote to be counted! Ruffalo tweeted while sharing a link for people to volunteer in helping to count the votes:

While we wait for every vote to be counted and election results to be announced there’s still something you can do right now to help. Volunteer with the crucial battleground states to help cure ballots and make sure every eligible vote is counted.

There were some celebrities who were sharing memes as well. Community actress Yvette Nicole Brown was one of them, who shared a meme of the Statue of Liberty in hiding, asking “Is he gone yet?”.

And then, there was Rihanna, who practically changed her Instagram feed with six new posts, that read “count every vote we’ll wait”. Other than them, Chelsea Handler, Gabrielle Union, John Legend, Michael Keaton, and several other celebrities also called for counting every vote!

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