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Malu Trevejo shades her mother joining O-lyF*ns

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Malu Trevejo is still facing multiple controversies even after moving out of her house. The famous Instagram personality, singer, and TikToker, Malu had issues with her mother when they were living together. Malu claimed that her mother stole from her, made her an addict of we*d, and also abused her. After moving out of her house, Malu joined O-lyF*ns as a way to earn some money. She has crossed the 50K subscribers’ mark and that means an income of $500,000 per month solely through O-lyF*ns. Seems like her mother is also allegedly looking to earn money through O-lyF*ns now.

Malu Trevejo shades her mother

Her O-lyF*ns subscribers and fans are keeping tabs on her mother. Some of them even like following Malu Trevejo’s mother and what’s going on in her life now that Malu is not in it. Turns out, Malu’s mother is allegedly planning to join O-F. Her boyfriend live-streamed on Instagram and claimed that he is thinking of starting her O-F at $50.

Malu is charging her subscribers $10 monthly for her O-lyF*ns, exclusive of the private pictures shared through DMs. Will Malu’s mother be able to gain subscribers at such an expensive rate of $50? Will she be able to cross the subscribers’ mark of Malu Trevejo?

At this point, it’s not sure who was Malu shading in her recent Instagram story. However, it fits the recent rumors of her mother joining O-lyF*ns.

Malu Trevejo shade

Is that a warning or Malu’s belief that her mother would not join O-lyF*ns, or succeed on the platform as she did?

Controversial tweets and posts

Malu Trevejo has been going off on her Twitter and Instagram lately. She is posting explicit jokes, posts, and subliminal content on her social media profile. She is 18+ now, and her content is not suitable for people under 18.

She also posts similar things on her Instagram stories.

Malu Trevejo

Back in the days when Malu lived with her mother, her mother accidentally exposed her breasts during a live-stream. And she did not even cover it back. The same clip is going viral on Reddit recently and people are claiming they would pay $50 for Malu’s mother’s OnlyF*ns because of that clip.

Does Malu feel threatened by her mother claiming to join OnlyF*ns? She should not, because she has a strong fan-base.

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