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Halsey calling out Donald Trump during US Elections 2020 is a mood

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Many celebrities in Hollywood are strong supporters of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Plus, they’ve been big critics of Donald Trump, some even before Trump got elected. As the elections happen and the counting of the votes still takes place, Halsey is also tweeting out her feelings. When Donald Trump deemed the election a ‘fraud’, Halsey called him out.

Halsey calls Donald Trump out when he claims fraud is happening

Donald Trump thought there was something wrong going on with the Elections. Because, in the States where he was leading, the seats were eventually given to Joe Biden. That’s because Democrat votes came in by mail and that takes a long time to count than the votes done in-person.

The ‘Closer’ singer tweeted out this when Donald Trump kept making remarks about the US Elections:

trump is basically just skewing logic anyway he can at this point. In regards to close but not called states, if he’s up; he says it counts. if he’s down; he says it doesn’t count. he says people voting for Biden are “disenfranchising” his supporters. now he’s just making noises.
halsey anti-trump
Then afterward, when the president shared that he was going to the Supreme Court to ‘fight’ the fraud that’s allegedly taking place, he also demanded the counting of votes to be stopped in some States. Halsey shared this:
ah yes this is fraud but it’s okay to “go to the Supreme Court” and demand the rejection of remaining uncounted votes.
halsey political tweet
Moreover, Halsey was also frustrated at the fact that only now people are calling Donald Trump an authoritarian now when he has done some multiple problematic things in the past:
Ohhh so now we’re cool with calling him an authoritarian? It wasn’t the deployment of tanks and riot teams, the condoning of white supremacy, the denial of state authority, the delegitimization of oppositional media? It was this…?
trump authorotarian tweet

Trump thinks fraud is happening during the vote-counting process as he loses seats to Joe Biden

Donald Trump is currently asking the Supreme Court to intervene with the US Elections of this year. He thinks that fraudulent activity is taking place as Joe Biden wins more seats. In Trump’s mind, he was pretty sure that he had already won this election. Even though all ballots had not been counted.
Michigan and Wisconsin were being led by Trump but the seats were then overtaken by Joe Biden. This is because the majority of the Democratic voters have voted by mail and the counting of those votes takes a longer time. Plus, there is virtually no evidence that fraudulent activity took place during the Elections even though Trump is suing 3 States (Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania). For instance, there was no evidence of that in Pennsylvania:

There have been no reports of fraud or any type of ballot concerns out of Pennsylvania. The state had 3.1 million mail-in ballots that take time to count and an order allows them to be received and counted up until Friday if they are postmarked by Nov. 3.

Let’s hope America can find a peaceful end to this stressful election.

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