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Trump supporters enraged over Twitter censoring his tweets

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Everyone is hooked to the screens and waiting for the US Election results. Elections might be happening in the US. However, the whole world is waiting for the result and most of them are silently praying for Joe Biden to win the presidential race. Donald Trump supporters have their own reasons to support him. And Twitter has turned into a debate forum itself. In fact, Trump supporters are claiming that the platform is doing injustice to their “President”. Turns out, “Real Donald Trump’s” tweet was censored. And you cannot read it.

Twitter shuts down Trump for misleading tweet

If you are following up with the latest news on Elections, you might have seen the news of Donald Trump declaring premature victory. He tweeted this right before his other tweet got flagged by Twitter:

When you visit Donald Trump’s profile, the tweet-in-question appears like this:

Donald Trump

And yeah, we tried to check it out. Half of the tweet is still hidden even when you try to unwrap it. You cannot comment or like this tweet as well. However, Twitter does not restrict you from tweeting/quote-tweeting this “disputed” post.

Trump Tweet

As per Twitter, whatever Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, wrote in the tweet was disputed and misleading. In short, it was against Civic Integrity Policy.

Joe Biden reacts

Right after Trump’s tweet, Joe Biden posted that it’s not his place or Trump’s place to declare a winner for Elections 2020. Voters can decide it and only the final vote count will confirm who won.

Donald Trump fans and supporters react

Donald Trump’s fans are enraged over this step taken by the Twitter Police. They claim that it is against freedom of speech. In their words, Trump should be free to share his concerns for the elections and if he is talking about rigging, then the world should know about “unfair & rigged elections”.

Trump Supporters

On the other hand, Joe Biden supporters stan their “king” for not posting anything of such sorts that gets censored by Twitter.


Trump enraged


In 2019, Twitter confirmed that it’ll take action against misleading political celebrities who post against the public interest. This came after Twitter was continuously criticized for not flagging Donald Trump’s “hate speeches and bullying comments”.

Last month, Donald’s Trump COVID related tweet was also flagged by Twitter on the ground of containing “misleading and harmful” information about COVID.

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