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Lana Rhoades shades Logan Paul for ruining her relationship with Mike Majlak

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Well, we never thought this day would come when Lana Rhoades would be shading Logan Paul for ruining her relationship with Mike Majlak. Now the first question which comes to our mind is that why would Logan want to spoil Lana’s relationship with his friend Mike? Some fans are assuming that because Logan and Josie took a break from each other and they probably didn’t know if they are getting back together. So there is a possibility that Logan was feeling lonely and he wanted to have some ‘misters before sisters’ time with Mike.

Now some of you might know that Lana and Mike mentioned in one of the vlogs that they both will be moving out soon from Logan’s house. And maybe Logan didn’t want that because of some obvious reasons. Umm, this whole thing is equally messed up as Harry Joswey, Julia Rose, and Jake Paul’s situation.

Lana Rhoades shades Logan Paul for ruining her relationship

Uhh, so it all started when the least uncontroversial influencer ‘Tana Mongeau’ posted a vlog on her channel with the title “LOGAN PAUL RUINED OUR RELATIONSHIPS…(NEVER HAVE I EVER)”.

This vlog was filmed somewhere around 26th or 27th October. And Mike announced his break up with Lana in a vlog on October 31st. So there is a possibility that Lana and Mike’s relationship was going down the hill during the shoot of Tana’s vlog.

These girls played the “Put Your Finger Down’ game which is a little similar to “Never Have I Ever”.

“Tana : Put a finger down if Logan Paul has tried to ruin your relationship.

Lana: He succeded.”

And right after saying this, Lana puts her finger down and we all are like ‘what just happened here’. I am having a hard time digesting this.

Wait, Mike asked Logan in one of the Impaulsive podcasts about why he is always in a lovey-dovey bubble with girlfriend Josie Canseco. Mike also questioned him about why he and Josie feed each other stuff when they are out for lunch or dinner with them.

Because Lana always asked Mike to show a little PDA. But Mike being Mike was simply not comfortable with all of this. So there is a possibility that what Lana is saying could be true.

Let us know in the comments down below if you think Logan would have purposely ruined Lana’s relationship with Mike.

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