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Elijah Daniel’s Commentary on 2020 US Elections is Helpful as it is Entertaining

This is more fun if you're voting blue.

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Elijah Daniel is a comedian, YouTuber, rapper, firm Democrat supporters. He also happens to be blocked by the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Now, he’s very political and quite liberal. So, if you’re a liberal and voting blue, you would really enjoy Elijah Daniel’s commentary on the most anxiety-inducing Elections of all time.

On Election day 2020, Elijah Daniel started off with this tweet.

Elijah Daniel Asking ppl to vote

Honestly, his tweets are very encouraging and sweet for first-time voters.


Moreover, he’s really there to help everyone who’s voting in order to ensure democracy remains intact.

One follower shared an incident where someone was forcing someone to put their mask inside out because the mask was displaying the ‘BLM movement’.


The follower asked if there’s something that can be done about it, to which Elijah Daniel replied:

yes – you can report voter intimidation to: 1-866-OUR-VOTE. BLM is a movement, not political, which means it is not electioneering (wearing merch of candidates is illegal in some states and they make you turn it inside out) aclu.org/sites/default/

Here are, some helpful links provided by Elijah Daniel to help people vote:

Learn more about voter intimidation so that you don’t fall victim to it!

Here’s the document:

voter intimidation

Pumping up Joe Biden Supporters:

He’s the cheerleader for the Joe Biden Kamala Harris train.

He congratulated Democratic Senator candidate that got re-elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC):


This is everyone who’s voting Democrat:


This very helpful piece of information that’s calming to Dem supporters:


The excitement for Nevada voting blue was so heartwarming:

Nevada Blue Tweet

This is exciting:


His tweets definitely keep you on your toes about the elections:

Then there’s this:

He’s there to keep you pumped. Politico tweeted out this:

Elijah retweeted it with the quote ‘wait ok this is good as f*ck’.

He also shared the happy news with much excitement when Joe Biden won over two States:

Maine Arizona

He shared the news that the counting has started and some States are shifting towards Blue:

Elijah Daniel also answered a fan’s inquiry about whether Biden has a chance of winning or not:

He also tweeted out hoping that Michigan will turn blue after the ballots are counted:

But there’s a lot of good news for Joe Biden and Democrat supporters.

The entertainment he’s providing

Now, we come to the hilarious tweets made by Elijah Daniel:

Elijah Human News Station

Honestly, true. But his fans are absolutely loving it.

Even his retweets are encouraging:

Don’t lose hope:

The way he drags the hell out Trump supporters is truly entertaining:

Elijah Drags Trump fan

His sarcasm is so on point:

To this, another prominent critic of Trump, Kathi Griffin responded saying, ‘Super F*cking chill’.

Elijah aptly replied:

kathy griffin elijah
 This is all sarcasm if you haven’t noticed. It becomes obvious in this tweet:
elijah stressed out

Know how exactly Elijah Daniel is feeling about the 2020 US Elections

Elijah Daniel took a little break and probably slept (good for him because sleep is important in anxious times like these). One fan was happy about it, and Elijah was very expressive about how he’s feeling:

Biden f*cking has this. IM NERVOUS BUT WE GOT THIS.

Honestly, Twitter is full of so many ways we can express ourselves.

He also called out Donald Trump directly

When Donald Trump made a misleading tweet about being victorious, many celebrities called him out. Of course, it included Elijah Daniel. Who had this to say on the matter:

trump is on live television claiming victory for an election he didn’t win, and then just said it’s fraud. get him the f*ck out.
For this, he got head-to-head with a Trump supporter who was agreeing with Donald Trump. He shut down the fan:
Taking on another Trump supporter:

Elijah also hilariously called out Texas for not voting blue:

Elijah Texas

But a fan pointed out that the only reason Texas voted Red (Republican) is because of voter suppression.

He is pretty confident that Biden will win the US Presidential Elections 2020:


His important tweet about how LGBTQ rights are at stake

This was his iconic tweet about LGBTQ rights:

anyone who says lgbt+ rights aren’t at risk,..,, did u forget that we couldn’t even get married until 5 years ago? lmao the Bee Movie came out 6 years before gay marriage was legal, they let bee’s f*ck humans first
Fact check. The Bees Movie did indeed come out in 2007 and gay marriage was legalized in America in 2015 under the Barack Obama administration.

Elijah Daniel is sick of Iowa

how many motherf*ckers even LIVE in Iowa? is it even a real? do they let the corn vote??? how did they manage to f*ck us over and be red and ALSO vote for Kanye ????
But Elijah isn’t giving up:

Here’s to hoping that America survives this very dark time. Good luck, America!

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