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Malu Trevejo’s mother is apparently joining OnlyF*ns with $50 rate?

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When the famous Instagram model and singer, Malu Trevejo, turned 18 and joined OF, many fans ‘secretly’ started hoping her mother would join the exclusive site as well. Malu had been doing Instagram live streams with her mother for quite a while. However, she was not happy living with her mother. Malu did not just expose her mother for stealing her money, she also cut all ties with her apparently. And now, seems like Malu’s mother is apparently planning to challenge her own daughter by joining the OF platform.

Malu Trevejo’s mother & OF

When Malu joined OF, many fans signed up for her content for exclusive pictures. However, they soon started unsubscribing to her after figuring out that she is not posting anything explicit. In fact, many claim Malu is posting whatever she posts on Instagram and Snapchat. And hence, scamming her fans.

Malu Trevejo also faced a huge backlash when she increased her OF subscription rate within two days of joining the platform. But the backlash made her reduce the rates to originally set prices. Malu currently has 54.1K subscribers and 53.7K likes with 3 images and 7 videos on OF.

Now, there is a reddit thread that claims that Malu Trevejo’s mother might be joining OF soon. Apparently, she recently livestreamed with her boyfriend while she was in a pool with him. Her boyfriend allegedly claimed that he would be starting her OF soon and charge $50 monthly for it.

And here is how Malu’s fans are reacting to the news:

Malu Trevejo

If the news turns out to be true and Malu Trevejo’s mother ends up joining OF, it will not be a failed project apparently. (Too many apparentlys for now, the recorded version of livestream is not available to verify the news).

The beef

A few weeks back, Malu Trevejo went LIVE on her Instagram and revealed that her mother is an add*ct. She also confirmed that due to the stress, Malu started smoking j*ints at an early age.

Malu went on to confirm that her mother had never worked in her life. And she used Malu’s money to buy dr*gs and alc*hol. But she still cared for her mother and did not apply for emancipation.

If her mother joins OF, fans believe that would be another way of allegedly using Malu’s name to earn money.

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