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Liza On Demand Wins 8th Annual Streamy Award for Best Comedy Series

Little Brown Girl did it again!

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This year might not have been going very well for the popular social media star Liza Koshy. Only a few months back, she went through an emotional split with her boyfriend. And since the breakup featured two of YouTube’s biggest comedy vloggers- Liza Koshy and David Dobrik, almost 17 million people watched it online. But it’s time for better stuff to happen with Liza Koshy. This year, she won the Streamy Award for Best Comedy Series for Liza on Demand. And well, it won’t be wrong to say that the woman truly deserved it.

Who Is Liza Koshy?

Who Is Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy is best known by her online persona Lizzza. Initially, Liza Koshy got her fame by getting a significant number of followers on Vine. And her comedy videos took the numbers to 5 million. Now, she has spread her popularity to all other online social media platforms. Including YouTube where she enjoys a good 16 million subscribers and Instagram with over 17 million followers. Back in 2016, Liza Koshy formally started her career by starring as Violet Adams in Hulu’s Freakish. And this year, she starred in her own web series Liza On Demand. The same one that got her the Streamy Award.

Liza’s career could be a great example of candid. The vlogger did not even plan on ending up where she is. Her Vine career began when she was only in high school and she joined the platform only because her friends were downloading it. Koshy had planned on majoring in Business Marketing.

The half Indian and half Caucasian star recently broke up this year from her 3-year long relationship with David Dobrik. They announced the split through a raw breakup video that more than 17 million people watched online. But the breakup was so healthy, it’s safe to say that many are already considering it their breakup goals! She’s getting a steady amount of fame which has given her countless opportunities. From her Vogue interview, to her being interviewed by the former President Barack Obama to her having a hydrofoil contest with Will Smith, she has no limits.

Liza on Demand Wins Streamy Award

Liza on Demand Wins Streamy Award

This year’s Streamy Award is not the first time that Liza Koshy won at that ceremony. Previously, in 2016 she was named Breakout Creator at the Streamy Awards. At this year’s event, the social media star was once again present at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, Calif. Other than Koshy, this year’s attendees included Veronica and Vanessa Merrell, Alex Wassabi and Sophie Beem. The comedy vlogger won the Streamy Award for Liza on Demand for Best Comedy Series

The show is about a character also named Liza trying to figure out her career and life. It’s got hilarious spoofs and allows the unparalleled talents of the Internet’s favorite YouTuber to truly shine. The little brown girl is seen doing odd jobs to get by. On her YouTube channel, we see her play a range of different characters with their unique hilarious quirks. Liza channels that onto the show which efficiently utilizes her creative genius. Her odd gestures and stunts are sure to make anyone laugh! It indeed helped her score an award for the show! We hope that her show and she continue to shine.

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