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Did Harry Styles Ever Follow Clare Uchima on Twitter?

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Harry Style’s keyboardist, Clare Uchima is being criticized by fans of the former One Direction member for supporting Ortisé Williams, a charged rapist. Rumors were spread that Harry Styles unfollowed Clare on twitter after she showed support for her friend Ortisé. But you have to go deeper to find the real truth.

What We Know About Ortisé Williams So Far

What We Know About Ortise Williams So Far

Though, first let’s talk about the main in question, Ortisé Williams. The alleged rapist is the 31 year old, was a former member of the UK R&B group ‘JLS’. Ortise was charged with rape in September 2018 after he and Jamien Nagadhana, raped a 20-year-old fan in a hotel room after a performance in Wolverhampton in 2016. Ortisé Williams initially denied the allegations when the charges were made. After Williams was formally charged with rape, Clare Uchima showed public support for him on Instagram.

Clare Uchima Is Still Friends With A Charged Rapist?

Clare Uchima Friends With Ortisé Williams

Clare Uchima considers Ortisé Williams a close friend. On Instagram, she said that women have worked hard for generations to be free and have equality for all individuals. Clare stated that the #MeToo movement was a major breakthrough for women everywhere and was a very painful process.

However, she believes that when women come along and ‘abuse’ their hard earned position and power to take ‘innocent men down to make money’ and ‘sell a fake story’ the opposite happens. She believes that this is not the female empowerment that women strove to attain throughout history.

Claire Uchima went on to say that ‘these men are good people’, in relation to Ortise Williams. She feels ‘gutted and sad’ and is speaking up for her friends. She believes that everyone who knows them feels the same way.

Did Harry Styles Unfollow Clare Uchima? Was it Just a Rumor?

So far, Harry Styles has remained silent regarding the matter. But there were rumors that Harry had supposedly unfollowed Claire Uchima on Twitter on the 21st of October, soon after she made her statement on Instagram.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case when you dive in deeper. Harry Styles still currently follows Claire on Instagram. There’s speculation that Harry hadn’t been following her on Twitter in the first place and the rumors were spread by several disappointed fans to possibly urge him into action. So, Harry Styles never really followed Clare in the first place.

Fans React To Clare’s Statement and Clare Uchima Retaliates

Even though Harry Styles is having no part in the conversation, fans have decided that they’re going to voice their opinions regardless.

One fan wrote that Clare is responsible for fans treating her so horribly. If she hadn’t shown support for the rapist, fans wouldn’t have been angry. They claim that she deserves this because she is defending a charged rapist – Ortisé Williams, and relentlessly ‘arguing back and forth with teenage fans on Twitter’.

Though, the drummer dealt with the hate head on. She claimed that life isn’t so simple as it seems.

This statement riled fans up and they responded with sexual assault instances of their own. Fans argue that Clare doesn’t understand that young people nowadays have a sound understanding of what sexual assault is. They certainly will not be blind sighted by what she believes to be appropriate.

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