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Andrew Cuomo responds to Chelsea Handler’s crush on him

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Andrew Cuomo’s fight against the Coronavirus in New York has brought him a lot of fame and admirers. And rightfully so, since his messaging towards the residents of New York have been consistent since the pandemic began. One of the admirers he has earned is Chelsea Handler. In fact, she went as far ahead as asking the Governor out on a date. But, Cuomo ghosted her, and now he has given us the reason why he did so.

Last Wednesday, Handler appeared on “The View” and shared her admiration for Andrew Cuomo. She talked about how New York and the entire United States were “so dehydrated for real leadership”. And then, the “Italian Hunk”, according to Handler, came and gave the people what they deserved from a leader. Handler further said:

“He’s like, ‘Wear a mask.’ I’m like, ‘I’ll wear a mask. I’ll put a mask on every part of my body”.

And later on, she revealed how she asked Andrew Cuomo out on a date, but got ghosted. She said:

I did have a conversation with Cuomo a few months ago, and I did ask him out on a date, and he did say yes — and then I never heard from him.

Andrew Cuomo responds to Chelsea Handler’s crush

Andrew Cuomo responds to Chelsea Handler's crush on him
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Finally, Cuomo also appeared on “The View” to promote his book “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” which was released last October. However, the show’s hosts just couldn’t resist bringing Chelsea Handler in front of him. Sunny Hostin asked Cuomo about Handler’s crush on him:

We had Chelsea Handler on yesterday, who has admitted to having a significant crush on you, and she asked us to follow up on something. Governor, are you ghosting Chelsea Handler?

After replaying Chelsea Handler’s remarks from her last appearance, Andrew Cuomo said:

I’m a big fan of Chelsea’s, and she is great, and we have fun. But on my dating life, I am only dating, at this point, in-state residents. I’m dating New York residents, and so if Chelsea changes her residence, then maybe we can work it out.

Sadly, Chelsea Handler has to change her state to have a shot at the Governor of New York. And he has delivered quite exceptionally well for the state, with Handler praising his actions since March.

Just a few weeks ago, Andrew Cuomo fined the promoters of the Chainsmokers concert in the Hamptons for breaking the state’s COVID-19 guidelines. His stance on the state’s policy for Coronavirus has been very consistent, and that is why he is a darling of the state as well as the media. If he does it well, he could be within a shot for the White House in the next few years.

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