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Jennifer Lopez’s Struggle To Get Cast In ‘The Wedding Planner’

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Can you imagine a world where Jennifer Lopez was not in ‘The Wedding Planner?’ Me neither. However, you would be surprised to know it almost happened. The romantic comedy, that opened at No. 1 at the box office at the time, was a huge hit. The premiere of the movie also coincided with Jennifer Lopez’s sophomore album titled, J.Lo. This album was another chart-topper itself.

Although, we cannot imagine anyone starring opposite Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy, it almost would not have happened if Jennifer had not convinced the director, Adam Shankman to take a chance on her. This piece of information was revealed in a discussion with her business partner and agent, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, for Variety’s Power of Women Conversations presented by Lifetime.

Jennifer explained that before she took on the lead role in ‘The Wedding Planner,’ her previous experience fell short. She had only done roles like the maid, the dishwasher, the Rosie Perez type roles, you get the gist.

So she needed to break out of that and needed someone to take a chance on her and put her in her first romantic comedy. Which ultimately turned out to be ‘The Wedding Planner.’

How Did Jennifer Lopez Land The Role?

Jennifer shared landing the role was quite simple.

“I was, like you said, kind of hot at the time and you were my agent and you were asking for a certain price that you thought I merited and they were buckling back on us,” Jennifer shared. “Then, Adam came to one of my record signings and he said give her whatever she wants.”

The singer shared how significant this moment was for her career. After this, she had a flurry of lead roles in romantic comedies.

“The idea that somebody like me, from my background, who was a woman, could garner that type of, you know, price in this industry. It was a big deal,” she said.

Some of her later work in the romantic comedy genre include, ‘Monster in Law,’ ‘Maid in Manhattan,’ ‘The Backup Plan,’ and more.

However, Jennifer completely changed the image she had of herself with her first rom-com. And that was what set the tone for the rest of her career. So, as Jennifer said, this was a pretty significant moment in her career.

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