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Michael Bay’s Pandemic Themed Songbird Movie Trailer Getting Backlash

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Michael Bay is known for making thriller action-packed movies. But no one expected, or rather hoped, that he would be making one about the pandemic world we are living in. Of course, it’s Hollywood, and what is Hollywood without a little exaggeration and dramatics? That’s what we see in ‘Songbird’, about a dystopian world where COVID-19 has mutated into COVID-23 and there is much more suffering, loss of life, and horrible living conditions than the current reality we live in.

Check out the trailer of ‘Songbird’

Produced by Michael Bay, it stars Riverdale’s KJ Apa and Descendants’ Sofia Carson. The star-studded cast also includes Demi Moore.

The ‘Songbird’ movie follows the plot of a pandemic filled world where the situation is much depressing and dark. And there’s also a love story mixed in the whole plot between KJ Apa’s chracter Nico and Sofia Carson’s character Sara.

The movie’s trailer got a lot of backlash

Following the release of the trailer, ‘Songbird’ got intense backlash and many were disappointed at Hollywood for making a movie about the coronavirus so quickly.

One user shared that:

It is incredibly gross to capitalize on a disease that’s killed over a million people and financially ruined millions more by creating an alarmist movie that plays on people’s worst fears at any time, let alone WHILE we are still in it. Michael Bay should be ashamed. What trash.
songbird hate tweet

Many people were pointing out that watching a movie about the depressing effects of coronavirus while we’re still going through that isn’t a good idea.

In dark times, when everyone is down, we need a hopeful reminder of good stories that resonate with all of us. Movies that attempt to reunite us or give us some sense of hope that there’s a better tomorrow.

Seeing a fictional movie about the dark reality we already live in, only exaggerated, will only depress us more.

One user even joked about Michael Bay making a movie about the pandemic was implying that he was suffering from ‘a lack of taste’

Did you guys checked on Michael Bay ? A lack of taste is one of the Covid symptoms.
A science journalist, Erin Bilba, also shared a similar opinion as of many others of how we didn’t need this movie right now:
erin bilba on songbird

Hollywood exploiting the coronavirus?

Another user shared similar sentiments and said that Hollywood is simply trying to profit off of human suffering from ‘Songbird’.

Making a “dystopian horror movie” about a horror that is real and happening RIGHT NOW is so tone deaf. And so not what people need. So many people have lost jobs, livelihoods and loved ones due to COVID, and everyone’s life has been severely effected. Bad, bad, bad move. Like it’s not even over yet and people are gripping at the chance to make a horror movie about it. Jesus CHRIST.
One Twitter user even pointed out the fact that movies and TV shows refrained from using the World Trade Center after 9/11 happened out of respect. But this isn’t something we’re seeing during 2020’s pandemic:
9-11 songbird tweet
There you have it! A lot of people are not happy or excited about seeing this trailer. Even though we do enjoy an escape from reality. But this is just a bleak look into how much worse our reality can be.

No one really wants to see that.

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