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Chelsea Handler was ghosted by Andrew Cuomo!

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We all know how Chelsea Handler is a big fan of Andrew Cuomo. In fact, she pretty much has a crush on the Governor of New York. However, Cuomo may not share the same enthusiasm as Handler does. She asked the Governor out on a date but hasn’t yet heard back from him, even though he agreed.

Andrew Cuomo ghosts Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler was ghosted by Andrew Cuomo!
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The 45-year-old comedian made the revelation while appearing on ABC’s The View last Wednesday. Handler described Cuomo as a ‘big, Italian hunk,’ and revealed that he initially agreed to go out with her. However, she hasn’t heard back from him ever since. The thing that really caught Chelsea Handler’s eye was Andrew Cuomo’s exceptional leadership at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. He took tough decisions decisively which prevented a lot of deaths in the State of New York, and in many cases, directly confronted with President Donald Trump. She told the ladies on The View:

He’s like, ‘Wear a mask’. I’m like, ‘I’ll wear a mask. I’ll put a mask on every part of my body! I wanna flatten your curve, and you can flatten my curve’.

Chelsea Handler asks a favor from the girls at The View

Furthermore, Chelsea Handler also asked a favor from girls over at The View. She admitted she had asked Cuomo out on a date, but hasn’t heard from him yet. So, she wanted them to do a little follow up on her behalf:

I do want you to follow up on something for me, ladies, if you don’t mind…. I did have a conversation with Cuomo a few months ago, and I did ask him out on a date. And he did say yes. And then I never heard from him.’

It may be because Andrew Cuomo is just too busy dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in New York. His administration recently charged the promoters of the Chainsmokers Hampton concert over $20,000 for breaching the state’s COVID-19 guidelines. His leadership is being praised by almost everyone across the board, earning him great respect on social media and other outlets.

Recently, Chelsea Handler got a stand-up comedy special on HBO Max, named Chelsea Handler: Evolution. There, she talks about politics, white privilege, and explores details of her personal life, making her comedy very relatable to the viewers. Be sure to check it out on HBO Max!


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