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Paris Hilton goes topless for 2020 Halloween’s Stunning Look!

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Paris Hilton is redefining her identity and brand. She’s no longer a commodity that tabloids can use as they fit. She’s taking a stand owning up to her true identity. It all started when we got to see her new documentary ‘This is Paris’.

In the documentary, we got to know of a lot of shocking, heartbreaking, and insane moments from Paris Hilton’s life. In the end, many of us realized we had her all wrong. There’s more to her than the caricature that tabloids put her out to be.

Paris dealt with a lot of abuse over the years

At one point in ‘This is Paris’, she also talks about the incident of her s*x-tape leaking with ex-boyfriend Rick Saloman. While the incident brought a lot of attention to her, Paris Hilton hated the incident. She was so hurt by it and stated that she felt like she was being ‘electronically raped’. Soon after the incident, many late-night talk shows used the incident to make a lot of jokes about her and she became a laughing stock.

But Paris Hilton didn’t let that bring her down. After suffering so much abuse in her teen years at a correctional institute, Paris was determined to not let get anything to push her down. Even after the controversial tape leaked, she kept hustling and working hard to build her big empire. With multiple businesses ranging from fragrances line to cosmetics, Paris is not backing down.

Paris Hilton got the perfect look for 2020’s Halloween

Similarly, she’s also perfectly confident in her own skin and showing off her body. And for Halloween 2020, she’s picked the absolutely perfect costume:

paris haloween look

You can check out the uncensored picture here.

And well, there’s only one thing to say here. Using a quote from Miss Paris Hilton herself,

That’s hot!

It is hot indeed and honestly rather empowering. It’s amazing to see Paris Hilton being successful and also happy finally.

She’s found her perfect match in boyfriend Carter Reum, to whom she also dedicated her love song ‘I Blame You’ to.

Paris Hilton is focusing on her music this year too so we can expect a lot of great things happening. Also she’s determined to shut down the abusive institute that tortured her and many others in her teen years.

She’s supporting the Breaking Code Silence movement that aims to close down all the institutions that abuse and harass children and disguise it as ‘correctional institutes’.

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