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Stephen Amell Reveals He Got COVID-19 While Filming New Show

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The new normal for this year means worrying about a deadly disease that is currently sweeping the entire planet. Whether it is work you are going to or to see a family member, COVID-19 is always in the back of your mind. And rightly so. The dangers of this virus are not to be taken lightly. You can end up contracting the virus even if you are just going to work. And that is what happened with Stephen Amell.

Arrow star Stephen Amell just revealed that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 while he was filming for his new show, “Heels.” The star shared his experience during an interview with Michael Rosenbaum for the Inside of You podcast.

Stephen shared that he had to go into isolation three weeks earlier after a crew member from the set of his show tested positive. However, despite isolating, Stephen managed to test positive himself as well.

Stephen Amell’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

This diagnosis led to Stephen worrying about the show and thinking he had “destroyed” it since he was the main star.

“When it happened, when I got the positive test, for me it became, ‘Holy f**k! I just destroyed this show because I’m No. 1 on the call sheet and I work every day, more or less.”

Stephen continued, saying that he thought they were going to have to shut down the production because of him. And since they were not done with the first block of two episodes, he was genuinely worried that he had ruined the show.

However, the show ended up shutting for only a day. The crew managed to shoot around Stephen. “What they were able to do is mind-boggling, quite frankly,” he said.

Stephen then noted that their efficiency just shows that they were prepared for it. However, he also recognized that not everyone has the luxury to take two weeks off.

Stephen revealed that he has been careful during the pandemic. But he has not been “totally afraid” of COVID.

“I’ve always been really good about mask wearing, about social distancing, just following the rules, not going to a huge house party or… super large gatherings where people aren’t wearing masks,” the star added.

However, unlike certain people who have preexisting conditions or are elderly, he has not been totally afraid of it.

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