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Ondreaz Lopez surprises Hannah Stocking with dinner in bed

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You guys obviously don’t need an introduction to Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking. They not only look cute together, but they are also one of the most unproblematic power couples on social media. Who are continuously blessing us with new content every other day. Oh, and their pre-Halloween-getups are the cutest except the one in which Hannah dressed up as Gollum from Lord Of The Rings. She literally scared the intestines out of me.

Anyways, a lot of people are wondering if Ondreaz is still a part of the Hype House. No, he clearly isn’t, as he has been staying with Hannah for the last couple of weeks and making lots of content with her. But Ondreaz is friends with everyone in the Hype House and hopefully, he will be collaborating with them soon.

So it’s safe to stay that Hannah and Ondreaz spend a lot of quality time with each other. And Hannah has been religiously posting vlogs on her YouTube channel in which we get to see a lot of lovey-dovey moments from them.

Ondreaz Lopez arrange a romantic dinner in bed for Hannah Stocking

Well, we are literally seeing this power couple working their a*s off to make some amazing content from the past couple of weeks. Though we really don’t know if Ondreaz is planning to make his own YouTube channel. But we really like him in Hannah’s vlogs.

Hannah on the other hand is clearly a superwoman. Because she not only posts content on her TikTok or YouTube, but she also manages to stay very active on her social media. And she is also dropping new clothing stuff on the lilshop website.

So a busy bae clearly deserves a peaceful night in bed with some yummy dinner. And that’s what Ondreaz planned for her. He ordered food for Hannah and waited for her to come home. Oh and I forgot to tell you guys that he was actually waiting for her in the bed, with food and a bottle of fine.

You’re about to see another surprise and for that, you have to countdown till 3,2,1 and hit the play button.

Well, guess who is about to get lucky? Obviously Hannah (hehe). It feels good to see them spending a lot of time together and cherishing each and every moment. Let us know if you guys would want to see all the looks they have created for Halloween!

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