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Chris D’Elia supporters are examples of Toxic Masculinity

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It’s been a few months since multiple women exposed Chris D’Elia for his sexual misconduct. And there were a lot of women who showed some incredible bravery. But, the entire D’Elia fiasco also exposed another aspect of society. It is one that we can see at every corner, making lives difficult for women and other marginalized communities. And that is toxic masculinity. Here’s why I believe Chris D’Elia’s supporters and defenders are an example of Toxic masculinity.

Chris D'Elia supporters are examples of Toxic Masculinity
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Some Chris D’Elia supporters blatantly demonstrating toxic masculinity

So, whenever Chris D’Elia is brought up on social media or anywhere else, there is always one very vocal minority that is always there to bring up the words “alleged”. And if that’s not enough, they say the accusers, more than 20 of them, are lying for some reason. Here are some screenshots of such people trying to bring every person down:

Chris D'Elia supporters are examples of Toxic Masculinity Chris D'Elia supporters are examples of Toxic Masculinity Chris D'Elia supporters are examples of Toxic Masculinity Chris D'Elia supporters are examples of Toxic Masculinity

And then, there was also a petition that called for D’Elia to be ‘uncanceled’.

How common are false accusations of sexual violence and harassment?

There are some inherent problems with these claims of people trying to belittle and discredit the accusers who spoke up against Chris D’Elia. The first thing we have to look at is the statistics. According to a study in the UK, only 4% of cases of sexual violence are found out to be false. That’s right, just four percent! And according to other studies in the United States and Europe, that rate fluctuates between 2% to 6%.

Moreover, there’s a chance that these numbers are inflated. Sometimes, the police classify recorded cases as “no crime” or “unfounded” when there’s a lack of sufficient evidence or any evidence. Furthermore, the rate of false rape and sexual violence allegations is the same as those reported in other crimes. And bear in mind that not one, but multiple women accused Chris D’Elia. Are they really all lying for the sake of some conspiracy to bring his career down? I really doubt that.

And yes, I’ve read the emails and the exchanges. They only address 3 of the total accusers, not every single one of the women. Just 3, out of more than 20. There was an “avalanche of screenshots” against D’Elia when the allegations surfaced, as described by the LA Times.

How common is sexual violence?

And it’s appalling to see how much toxic masculinity focuses more on the chance of false sexual violence allegations, compared to how prevalent it actually is in society. Almost 21% of women in the UK had experienced sexual harassment or violence. And for the UK, the percentage is even higher at 25%. Studies in the US from 2010, 1 in 5 women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. More than 50% of women are always concerned about their safety from sexual violence. And remember, this was 7 years before the #MeToo movement exploded on the scene. On the other hand, only 1 in 71 men will experience sexual violence, just to put it into perspective for proponents of toxic masculinity.

In the case of Chris D’Elia, multiple women accused him. It is statically extremely improbable for all of them to lie about these horrible realities that women have to face around the world. If you still believe in Chris D’Elia and want the allegations to be false, that is up to you. But, don’t try to discredit the accusers for showing bravery. Don’t try to label them as vindictive women trying to get some sort of “revenge” from D’Elia. That argument is intellectually dishonest and speaks volumes about why Chris D’Elia’s supporters are an example of toxic masculinity.

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