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Ryan García caught cheating on fiancé with Malu Trevejo

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Malu Trevejo has recently been making headlines with her OnlyFans launch. She’s also been involved in multiple controversies after she threw a big birthday party during the pandemic. Now, she’s under fire along with Ryan García as paparazzi catches them making out. This news would not be controversial if it weren’t for the simple fact that Ryan García is engaged. To make matters more complicated, his fiancée is also pregnant!

Ryan makes out with Malu Trevejo while leaving dinner

Ryan and Malu were at the N10 Restaurant with a couple of friends. As they were leaving, they got friendly with each other and even intimate. Then they also made out at several points. The Hollywood Fix caught them making out and shared the video just recently:

At the end of the video, Ryan runs into some of his friends and it looks like he’s introducing Malu Trevejo to them.

Ryan’s fiancé reveals how she reacted to the news

The fiancé, Drea Celina, shares that Ryan García intentionally lied to her about where he was going. As per Drea, Ryan told her was gone to train for his upcoming fight. Ryan García is a professional boxer. However, it’s revealed that Ryan was lying.

Def Noodles shares how Drea Celina reacted to the news:



Drea Celina Ryan Garcia Fiance reacts to Cheating

The fiancé writes:

Meanwhile I go visit my family he tells me he’s training hard for this fight. But IG SHOWS ME THIS.
7 weeks left till i give birth and this piece of sh*t stay being disgusting.
While He barely even see’s rylie his
daughter with @catherinegamez
@kingryang is a HORRIBLE EVIL HUMAN.

Drea reveals to everyone that she was visiting family as Ryan was lying about where he really is. Ryan García’s fiancé and longtime girlfriend also shares the news that she is expecting a baby with Ryan in just 7 weeks.

Moreover, we also get to know that Ryan also has another baby, daughter Rylie, with Catherine Gomez and does not spend much time with her.

Meanwhile, Malu Trevejo is dealing with other controversies too

A lot of fans were worried about Malu’s well being when she went on a live-stream and revealed that her mother is an alcoholic. She told everyone that she has to deal with a lot of mental and emotional abuse and her mother only uses her for her money.

Malu Trevejo even told her followers that her mother had lied about her real father being in jail. It was clear that the TikTok star Malu Trevejo had a difficult childhood.

However, when she turned 18, she moved out of her home and threw a huge party for her birthday. During a pandemic, having a huge party is something many professionals do not recommend, due to the coronavirus cases increasing day-by-day.

Another controversy was when she launched an OnlyFans and spiked up the prices and it was believed that she may have been scamming fans.

After a couple of hours, both Malu and Ryan have responded to the scandal. Ryan shared his side of the story while Malu shared hers.

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