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Emma Watson Donates To Charity For Rape Crisis Service

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The very famous witch from the Harry Potter world-Emma Watson is bringing some good into the real world as well. The actress has previously done various charity works. And is a vocal supporter of feminism and LGBT community is now up for another donation. She supports the trans rights in GRA reform. And recently, she made a huge donation to the Northern Ireland fund for rape crisis service. Keira Knightley has also joined Emma Watson in helping gather more donations for this rape crisis service.

What Is Emma Watson Doing?

This rape crisis service in Northern Ireland is one of the seven pilot projects across the UK. It has granted a share of £1 million gathered by the Justice and Equality Fund following Time’s Up #MeToo campaign. The Northern Ireland Women’s Aid Federation is behind accepting these donations. And aims to get the service ready to operate by December this year.

Emma Watson who donated £1 million to this fund also spoke up on the issue. And on how Northern Ireland has been without a rape crisis service for the past 12 years. She commented on how the situation is incredibly dire. Though, the donations have helped make things better. Emma Watson also thanked every member of the public as well as those from her industry who made contributions. She added that Time’s Up UK would continue its work for women rights. And will keep on campaigning for systemic change and equality. Watson also believed that this year was only the beginning.

Knightley who has joined Emma Watson is this noble cause said she was excited to see the results of all this. And that the ability to fund this rape crisis service after 12 years seems like a huge step.

Chief Executive of Women’s Aid-Jan Melia is delighted to see that so many popular high profile celebrities like Emma Watson are on board with this project. She mentioned them by name saying that,

We are also delighted that Emma Watson and Keira Knightley have shown their backing for Women’s Aid and the new service and wish to thank them both for their ongoing support for women’s rights.

Everybody is surely proud of Emma Watson who continues to shine no matter what the situation is! She proves that she can still be the inspirational woman who fights for what she believes in while still having a happy relationship with her new beau Brendan Wallace.

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