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Finneas calls out white supremacy & misinformation in ‘Cant Wait to be Dead’ song

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Finneas is known as Billie Eilish’s brother and her music producer. Together, the brother and sister duo have made some beautiful music. But Finneas is incredibly talented with his own singing abilities as well. That’s showcased in his new song ‘Can’t Wait to be Dead’. However, just like Finneas himself, the song is political.

‘Can’t wait to be dead’ calls out white supremacy

The song has a rhythmic beat with Finneas’s soft singing starting off the song that sets the picture for us:

Somebody’s drivin’ you home, but they don’t know who you are
You’re in the back of the car

But the following lines make us think that the song isn’t as carefree as it seems:

F*ck your Confederate flag, you’ve got no reason to brag.

Finneas is directly calling out the racists, who often use the confederate flag to invoke more division, racism, and hate crimes. The political divisiveness has become particularly extreme during this year when the US Elections are nearing.

It seems like Finneas will now focus more on making political statements with his music. He’s not afraid to stay true to his beliefs as he directly called out those flaunting their ‘confederate flags’.

There has been some confusion about what the confederate flag means. Some argue that it just merely represents Southern Heritage. But for the majority, it’s a symbol of racism and hate against people of color. Hence, why we only ever see racist white people and white supremacists using it.

They claim the battle flag represents their Southern heritage, as if that heritage comprises an innocent history of mint juleps and church-going. The problem with that claim, as the history of the use of the flag demonstrates, is that the heritage it symbolises is also that of enslavement, inequality, violence and gross injustice.

There have often been instances of white supremacists using a confederate flag when committing racial acts of hate crime. One example is when a white supremacist, Dylann Roof, proudly endorsed the flag and then murdered nine Black men.

Finneas is also tired of the misinformation

This song is clearly showing Finneas’s frustrations with how the internet often spreads false news:

Somebody’s callin’ you out for somеthin’ you never said
Kinda can’t wait to be dead

Since the rise of social media, it’s easy for people to spread or misinterpret what someone said and the false news can easily gain momentum. This is something we saw with Finneas as well when he was called out for his tweets about telling people to work so hard that they don’t have to rely on any connection to become successful. Many people ended up calling him out for not realizing his white privilege. Finneas did later clarify that his parents weren’t able to financially support him and Billie Eilish as much as people think.

Moreover, there is also the matter of how misinformation is tampering with elections. It’s been found that there are hundreds and hundreds of bots on Twitter that are making political tweets that often manipulate the voters:

Somebody’s rippin’ you off, tryin’ to sell you good news
You know we’re still gonna lose

In the official music video, we also see different news headlines as someone is scrolling through a phone. Behind the phone we see Finneas singing the song ‘Can’t wait to be dead’:

There are several news headlines that are political. There are about coronavirus pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and how Donald Trump’s silence on white supremacy has actually given more power to white supremacists. We also see news headlines about how ‘social media’ is making us more anxious and depressed.

Finneas shared with the Rolling Stone:

“I’m happy for this song to mean anything to anyone who listens to it, but, to me, it’s a song about my relationship with the internet. Especially in an election year. Especially during a pandemic. Sometimes, the internet makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me cry, sometimes it makes me hopeful. But sometimes, it really makes me wanna be dead.”

It seems like Finneas is now going to be adding more political elements in his music. His last song ‘What they’ll say about us’ focused a lot on the Black Lives Matter movement.

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