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Why Julia Roberts Doesn’t Do Romcoms Anymore

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If you are not a huge fan of romcoms, let’s just say that Julia Roberts is popular for starring in the most iconic movies in this category. But it seems like that ride is over for Julia Roberts. And the actress has made it clear that fans should not expect her in romcoms anymore. But before everybody starts passing judgments on her decision, let’s just explore what made Julia Roberts make her choice. Is it the movies? It is something personal going on with Julia Roberts? Or is it something else?

Julia Roberts To Not Appear in RomComs

Recently, Julia Roberts was promoting her new drama thriller series Homecoming. And on Sunday, she talked to Entertainment Tonight sharing her latest stance on romcoms. During the interviews, Roberts explained that she has had enough life experience at this point in time. And she believes that she might not be able to play a convincing role in those movies. But she thinks that the situation could be different if they were to play the parents of the people who are involved in romance and comedy.

Julia Roberts moved forward to claim that previously, there was a point in her career when people thought she turned on romcoms. She not just loved them, but loved being in them and watching them. But sometimes, these movies just do not work out at certain ages and specific times. According to the actress, there is a disconnection now. And that is because when watching the movies, people won’t be able to believe that the actors are as emotionally immature as the ones in romcoms are. She shared that,

It’s not about age, it’s just about what people know that you know.

However, the decision to not do romcoms anymore is not going to impact her career in Hollywood much. Apart from this thriller series, Roberts recently starred in Garry Marshall’s 2016 ensemble Mother’s Day. And is otherwise much famous for her roles in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Notting Hill, and, not to forget, Pretty Woman.

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