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Who was Carole Baskin’s nonsexual wife?

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Carole Baskin gained fame from Netflix’s exclusive documentary, Tiger King. The docuseries featured Joe Exotic, owner of an exotic cats zoo. And he had a rival, Carole Baskin, who wanted his business to be shut down permanently. Joe Exotic is currently jailed after proven guilty for hiring someone to kill Carole. While Joe is still jailed, Carole is enjoying the fame. She recently participated in Dancing with the Stars, came out as bisexual. And now in an exclusive interview to TMZ, she confirmed she had a wife.

Coming out as bisexual and opening up about gay marriage

The Big Cat Rescue founder has been trying her level best to protect exotic cats and kittens from the likes of Joe Exotic. Even though she seemed pretty harmless throughout the docuseries, almost everyone believed that she killed her first husband, Don Lewis, by feeding him to the cats. Don Lewis went missing one day and no one ever heard from him again. His first wife and the kids from her have been waiting for justice from many years.

Even when Carole appeared int he first episode of Dancing with the stars, Don Lewis’s family used the moment to purchase an ad and talked about the disappearance of their father, and Carole’s role in it. To this date, Carole has denied the allegations of killing Don Lewis. In an exclusive interview with Pink News, Carole Baskin claimed:

“Even though I’ve never had a wife, I could just as easily have a wife as a husband.”

Coming out as bisexual, Carole Baskin emphasized that she never differentiated among the sexes of her love interests. On contrary, Carole has given a different statement to TMZ.

Carole Baskin & the wife

TMZ claims that Carole Baskin was married to a woman in the 80s. In an exclusive report, TMZ says Carole Baskin had a nonsexual “wife”, a heterosexual woman and s*x was never involved with them. As per TMZ, Carole claims that boundary was respected. Their love was platonic and her female partner did most of the chores at home, like taking care of home and working as her secretary for real estate business. Throughout the claims, TMZ says Carole Baskin has not disclosed the identity of her “non-sexual wife” to protect her from the media. So, her identity is still unknown.

Even though Carole told Pink News that she was born int the wrong body. Carole Baskin told TMZ that she does not identify herself as a transgender male.

2020 needs to stop shocking us.


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